New GlobalNPN Banners and Capture Pages

Hello npn’ers,

Things are really starting to develop around our new website.

If you haven’t looked at it, there are some new videos I have put up, including some great member testimonials that I’ve already gotten great comments about..  This site is designed to sell and all of my testing has resulted in very good conversion rates – even without any sort of ‘pre-sell’. I’d recommend that you start firing some qualified traffic at it to see for yourself.

I have added a new capture page to your selection of capture pages in the same style as the website, which tested well also. This is connected to the ‘free report’ that has been responsible for thousands of NPN signups since it was first introduced. You will find your affiliate URL to this new page under ‘capture pages’ in the left menu in your backoffice. There will be more capture pages created as we go along..


There are brand new plug-n-play banners for promoting your GlobalNPN business in your backoffice (finally, I know:)!  There are the standard size banners, plus some ‘blog ready’ sized banners for you to use right away. Also on the banners page there are some really cool looking ‘membership cards’ that you can use as banners as well. As always, I’d recommend sending your banner traffic to a capture page first – preferrably the new one!

Note: Click on “NPN Banners” in the menu in your backoffice, under “Promotional”..

NPNDirectorMachine is coming along nicely. Personally I think the Director Machine capture page is looking BETTER than the new NPN website! Start getting excited – we’re going to create some ‘super-sized’ incomes with this one..

That’s it for this update, let me know what you think about the new banners etc. in the comments below..

– Geoff.

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16 thoughts on “New GlobalNPN Banners and Capture Pages”

  1. Geoff!

    The new site is working very well so far! Thanks for all the great updates! Just had a look at the new banners and they look great! Can’t wait to get them out there and building NPN even larger!

    To OUR Success,
    Dave & Steve Goodwin
    NPN members since 2006!

  2. Nice work, Geoff..

    These look great!

    Keep up the good work on our’s really appreciated!

    Can’t wait to test them out in the wild!

    Dan Corkery
    M.I.B.S – One Team..One Dream..One Goal

  3. Hey Jeff,
    I love everything you do with NPN. The new NPN “front end” sales page brought me in a Director sign-up within 48 hours of the page going live! I think things are doing to get a little crazy with all the new up-dates on their way!


  4. I am loving the new site, Geoff…it has a great feel to it…definitely think this is going to make a big, big difference in helping inexperienced marketers to finally succeed.
    NPN is definitely the place to be

    Best wishes


  5. Looks GREAT Geoff! Thanks so much for the upgrade/improvement! Honestly, I had grown tired of seeing the same ads over and over…this is a welcome “site” and will improve on our member’s business.


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