New Global NPN “Power of 1” Capture page

Hello NPN’ers,

Since so many of you have requested it, I have made a brand new “Power of 1” capture page that you can now use (*applause*).


I know that lots of our members use the “Power of 1” as a major part of their online marketing (because it works). It’s an extremely powerful presentation because it brings the power of our compensation plan into perspective with regards to persistence and the long-term wealth potential of your GlobalNPN business. ie. It’s a really simple concept that really works 🙂

In your backoffice, click on “Capture Pages”, you’ll see the new page near the top of the list.

On another note, our other new “In your pocket” capture page is doing extremely well. On viewing our stats I can already see that tons of our members already have it out there. A quick recommendation that you create ‘tracking tags’ any time you advertise one of your affiliate pages. You NEED to know where your signups are coming from – or even more importantly, where they’re NOT coming from. Always keep track.

REMINDER: I’m still looking for more video testimonials! Please take the time to make one and send it over.. See THIS BLOG POST for complete info.

That’s it for now.

Have a great weekend.

– Geoff.

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10 thoughts on “New Global NPN “Power of 1” Capture page”

  1. Geoff~

    Read your update after it was first published, just never got around to commenting! Anyways, I feel that the “power of 1” model is so powerful, yet so overlooked because it seems too easy to be true! I have shown it to people and they continue to be amazed by it! Keep up the great work on NPN, we all do appreciate it!

    To Our Success,
    Dave & Steve Goodwin
    Gold Level members of NPN
    Joined: 2006

  2. Geoff, I have been using the new power of 1 capture page exclusively now. It is pulling quite well and the opt ins in my op-ion are a little more qualified.

    Are you planning to launch the NPNDirector Machine page soon?

    Brian Davis


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