The Secret to Writing Profitable Autoresponder Messages

So what’s the secret to writing profitable autoresponder messages and followups?

If you’ve ever had trouble writing good autoresponder messages, or if you just don’t have the time to try and write a whole new sequence of followup emails that you can send to your list…

Here’s a little ‘secret’ that will enable you to create great autoresponder content without you having to think up a whole new angle on what to write..

It’s simple and it’s what most marketers do in order to save time and money (and therefore make more money and have more time:)

If you’ve been in online marketing for any length of time, you have probably signed up to receive other marketer’s messages, right? You’ve opted in to get your hands on whatever the ‘free offer’ is, and you’ve willingly put your name and email into a capture form of some kind.

So. what do you do after you’ve accessed their free offer? Do you unsubscribe from their list because you don’t want to receive their messages? Do you just ignore any further autoresponder messages you get – maybe because you find them annoying?

I sure hope not.

If you don’t read these messages coming to you, that tells me you’re not really interested in being successful in this business.

I’m not trying to put you down by saying that, but I’m saying that you’re throwing away perfectly good content before you even see what it is.

What I do when I receive marketing emails from other marketers, is save them on my computer. I might not read them right away, but I save them to a folder specifically designated for this type of thing.

If I receive a series of emails from a company or marketer, I save them to an individual folder to keep them organized and in order.

Then what?

Then when I need an idea for an email series or followup..

I go to my ‘swipe folder’ and grab a few emails that are similar to what I’m looking for..

And then I simply re-write them to make them work for what I’m promoting.

Simple, right?


Now before you go off and start copying other people’s work, it’s important to note that you CANNOT simply copy and paste other people’s work (unless they give you permission). What I do is use what other’s have written, to create the structure, and to create unique content that works for me.

One of the keys to success in internet marketing is to learn what more successful marketers are doing, and then do THAT (it’s called modeling yourself after someone else). What I’m talking about here is part of doing that. We’re not blatantly copying other marketer’s work, we’re taking it, learning from it, and re-purposing it to fit our needs.

You see, being a good internet marketer isn’t really about actually being a great copywriter. It’s not about being a ‘brilliant mind’.

It’s about BEING RESOURCEFUL. More than anything else in this crazy business, being resourceful will make you rich – faster.

So next time you think about emailing me (or your sponsor) to ask for help because you can’t think of anything to write in your autoresponder followup messages..

Check your ‘swipe folder’ and then show me what you CAN do, as opposed to what you CAN’T do.

This process will save you a TON of time, and a TON of frustration. Being resourceful will get your freedom back.

That’s it for now, please comment below if this helps you out at all.

See ya.

– Geoff Stephen

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  1. This was awesome.. and very true. It’s funny when I think about it now because I always remember really enjoying all the different sales letters and emails. It’s neat to see peoples word choice and delivery!


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