How to Upload Videos to Global NPN’s Video Uploader

Hello NPN’ers,

Quick update with regards to our Video Uploader product and our Screencaster Product.

(and something you need to take care of right away with regards to your backoffice profile)

Global NPN Video UPloader page
Global NPN Video UPloader page

First of all, I have opened both products up to you if you’re at the Director level or the Gold level. You’ll have much more “breathing room” at the Gold level but you can certainly get a good idea of how these tools work and how they’d be beneficial to you at the Director level as well. For the upload limits, please see the “help” section of each video tool page in your backoffice.

Go ahead and give them a try…

Note that very soon the Gold level features for both products will have some very unique add-ons that you’ll be able to use to promote more easily.

Secondly, I have re-designed the “branded” NPN pages for your video uploads and your screencasts so that they’re more about “YOU” than about GlobalNPN. They have social connect buttons and a link directly to your NPNBlog (so start blogging!).

… which brings me to your NPN profile…

Please go to your NPN profile page, click “Account Info => Edit Profile”, and complete the social links in the profile page.

These are links to your personal (or business) pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

These links are on your video/screencast pages and will soon be integrated into more areas of our sites.

That’s it for now, have a great day!

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– Geoff Stephen

GlobalNPN Admin.


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