Top 10 Ways to Build Instant Credibility in Internet Marketing Online

Top 10 Ways to Build Instant Credibility in Internet Marketing Online, here’s a list of some things you should take into consideration when you’re marketing online:

10 – Be visible.

Any chance you can, brand yourself by adding your picture to your profile pages, capture pages, etc.

9 – Be real.

Use your real first and last name, don’t hide behind some crazy username.

8 – Be accessible.

Use social media channels to network and build relationships. Invite people to connect with you. Always reply quickly.

7 – Be consistent.

Consistency is the core activity in creating and maintaining business relationships. Consistency applies to your communication, as well as your product relevance. ie. your content should be relevant to the products you’re selling.

6 – Be a teacher.

Whatever you know, many other people don’t know. Share and provide solutions for problems that people are having.

5 – Be ethical and transparent.

Show people who you really are. Pretending to be someone else is an easy thing to uncover. They’ll see right through you if you’re not honest about who you are, and that’s where the trust breaks down.

4 – Be an expert.

Target a niche you have experience in. Remember, to be considered “an expert” in this industry only requires that you know just a little bit more about something than your prospects do..

3 – Be active.

Regularly update your websites/blogs and social media channels to stay fresh and current.

2 – Be professional.

Use proper English and be polite. Always take the high road, and don’t be an idiot 😉

1 – Be valuable.

Provide high-quality, valuable content to your readers and customers.


That’s it! Thanks, have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen