You Are Missing out on More Money!

Hello NPN’ers,

I was running some of my usual daily reports on various statistics for GlobalNPN and there was one in particular that I found very surprising (and kinda disappointing).

One report I check is how many members have referrals of their own that are upgraded to a HIGHER level than they are. In other words, for example, if I was at the PLUS level and one (or more) of my referrals was at the DIRECTOR level or higher, I would be flagged in this report.

Why?? Because that means I am missing out on commissions every month and I am not maximizing the money coming in to my account.

You see, if I am a PLUS level member, the most I can make on any referral is $10 per month, even if they’re higher on the ladder than I am, I still only make $10 in referral bonus. (!!!) So… in order to maximize my income every month, I need to be upgraded to the level of my referrals. If I have a DIRECTOR as a referral, I need to be a DIRECTOR (or higher) also in order to earn the maximum income on that referral.

Here’s another example so you’ll see what I mean…


I am a PRO level member and I have 5 personal referrals.

The most I can make at PRO in referral bonuses is $5 each.. so in this case $25 in total every month. Not bad.

However.. 3 of my referrals have upgraded to DIRECTOR. Hooray!

But… I STILL only make $5 each because I’m still down at the PRO level.

Now if I upgrade to DIRECTOR with my referrals, I will make $25 for EACH of those DIRECTOR referrals every month.

So.. upgrading to DIRECTOR in this case will instantly increase my monthly referral bonus income to $85 per month. Get it? I have 3 DIRECTORS which now earn me $25 each, and my other 2 referrals are still at PRO which earn me $5 each. $25+$25+$25+$5+$5 = $85.00 !

If I had stayed at PRO, my monthly profit would have stayed at roughly $15. Upgrading to DIRECTOR has increased my monthly profit to over $45 per month! Worth it?? Yeah I think so.


To shorten this long story, it is necessary for you to be upgraded at least to the level of your highest referral in order for you to maximize your monthly earnings. Do NOT miss out, it’s free money!

Believe it or not, as of this writing, there are exactly 100 members that are at a lower level than at least one of their personal referrals. Are you one of these people? Login to your backoffice and check… there will be a big yellow box recommending you upgrade. If you don’t see this box, you’re ok.

Please please please take care of this, I hate to see people missing out.

For upgrading information, refer to this article:

That’s all for now, just a heads up!

– Geoff.

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13 thoughts on “You Are Missing out on More Money!”

  1. Great reminder Geoff,

    This actually happened to me once. Luckily, I caught onto it the very same month. Once I upgraded, and found out about all the extra features I was getting with my new account, I realized it was better to be at the higher account no matter what my downline did.

    Director Level is truly an incredible value – especially if you consider what you would be paying for all those services if you are buying them separately.

    Bill Darton –

  2. Geoff- you make some great points, and I wanted to add on to what you were saying. I joined NPN at the lowest level 3 weeks ago, but then I saw a video that clicked. The video made the point that if you present yourself to prospects as a “Director” of NPN, its a title of respect and makes you sound important and well-established. People will be more likely to listen to you. That is the reason why I immediately moved up to a Director myself – and of course, for increased commissions! =)

    —Brian Schilling

    • Brian,

      Exactly. A huge part of this business is presenting yourself as someone that’s serious about their business and is willing to invest their time and money into it. You have to be a leader in order for others to follow you.

  3. Geoff~

    We try month in and month out to get this across to our team members. Unfortunately, we have 2 of these 100 at the moment…we are hoping to remedy that situation shortly by passing along this post and by trying to get them to understand. But, with the Basscash Team, this is definitely how we set it up for our team to grow and climb the ladder!

    Thanks for your attention!

    To Our Success,

    Dave & Steve Goodwin
    Founders of the Basscash Team
    We are here to help
    Dave (630) 330-6781 Skype: Basscash
    Steve (630) 207-8422 Skype: Myherbalsurf

  4. The Ladder Upgrades are awesome indeed! It’s worth the time to log in to your NPN account on a daily basis to 1) check on whether or not anyone in your downline has upgraded to a higher level, and 2) to touch base with your downline and ask if they need any help.

    It’s great to keep your team motivated and move up the Ladder together! This post clarifies the benefits.

    Jane Porterfield
    Proud Member of Income Community

  5. Excellent article Geoff. I see this often and every week I encourage our member base to climb the ladder. Director is the place to be.

    We have many of them on our TeamOceanSwellNPN group and they love the Ladder System.

    Thank You
    Terrence Hopkins
    Team Leader – TeamOceanSwellNPN
    (615) 349 1870
    Skype = terrencehopkins

  6. It is all about leadership. If you want people to follow you, you need to show them that are in for the long run and you are investing where the money is. That is a no brainer!! You must keep upgrading!

  7. I always try to encourage my downline to upgrade to a least Director level because of the added features like free hosting! I have been saving big bucks on my free hosting. If you can get your downline to use features like the free hosting then they will stay a Director level or better longer. Teach your downline to use their tools to save money and you will have lasting downline members.

    I myself have been Silver level for almost a year! You have to stay one level above your best referral!


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