Compensation Plan Video

Hello all..

For those of you that are new, or are unsure of the ways you can get paid in NPN, I made a comp plan overview video that I hope will clear up some of the questions. This video is also located on the “Training Modules” page in your NPN backoffice.

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– Geoff

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10 thoughts on “Compensation Plan Video”

  1. Thank you very much for your effort, Geoff
    This is a very clear explanation and will help me greatly to get it rolling – finally.
    (Please don’t yawn – I am really working on it… 馃檪 )

  2. Great video Geoff. Easy to understand explanation of the powerful money-making potential of NPN. Posted the video on my blog. Thanks for your incredible support and thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity. It’s so simple to succeed here, but sadly, many just pass over it. NPN is perhaps the Internets’ best-kept-secret.


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