What do I Blog About?

Hello. This is about being stuck.

I was going to update one of my blogs the other day and I realized that I had absolutely nothing to write about. Well, I suppose there’s always lots to write about but at that moment I was drawing a complete and utter blank. I had nothing.

That got me to thinking.. What do other bloggers do when they have nothing to blog about? How do you get past that initial “blank stare into the computer monitor” stage?

It took me some time, and a whole lot of thinking, before I realized that a while ago I had found that I already had a solution to this problem.blogkey

I like to write blogs that have to do with teaching someone how to do something. I like educating people on the stuff that I know. I find it much more valuable (especially in my industry) to give instructional information as opposed to just spewing my opinions on some related subjects. Although I find that a lot of people respect my opinion on some things, it’s just more fun when someone actually learns something from what you’re talking about.

I also like learning how to do things myself. I’m in a constant state of “gimme something new to learn today”. One of the great things about the Internet is that any information that you’re looking for is there right in front of you, or at least just a few clicks away. ANY information. I’m pretty good at absorbing information really quickly and the internet is ideal for someone that speed-reads like I do.

So.. anyways.. how do I think of something to write on my blog?

It has become apparent to me that the most thorough way to learn how to do something is to teach someone else how to do it. I know that sounds kinda backwards since technically you can’t teach something if you don’t know it yourself, but this is a different angle.

What I’m talking about is how I find something new to blog about..

I simply think of something that I want to learn how to do. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter at this point. Something that I don’t know how to do, but want to learn. Whether it’s how to use Twitter for marketing, or how to climb a tree, it’s something I need to know how to do.

After I’ve considered that for a while, the rest is research. I take my desire to learn something, then I take it to Google and compile enough information until I reckon I’ve got a little more than I need in order to learn it myself. Note: I don’t “copy” other people’s work, I just gather information.

So at this point I have a bunch of information. I don’t actually know what I’m doing as of yet but I think I have enough information to learn something. NOW here’s where the real learning actually comes into play. I now have to force myself to TEACH someone else how to do what I’m learning how to do. Teaching someone how to do it is how I learn how to do it. Trust me, it works.

It’s kinda like when you were back in high school and you had to make a presentation on some event of historical significance that you knew nothing about. Sure you could get all the information and make all the notes that you wanted, but you never actually knew what you were talking about until you had to explain and describe it to the class. Heck I still know a lot more about the Battle of Hastings in 1066 than I do of any other ‘battle’… because I had to do a presentation on it back in the 7th grade.

Ok, back to blogging..

Now since I’ve got all my information in place, all I have to do is explain it to someone else in the same way that I would like it explained to me. I teach myself by teaching others. See what I mean? Of course I use my own writing style, adding my own thoughts and opinions, and it comes out as a well-written instructional article… about something I didn’t know myself as of this morning.

So after reading what I just wrote it kinda sounds like a long drawn-out process that takes hours and hours and really sounds pretty boring. Don’t take it that way. This is just a process that I use in order to find something interesting (to me) to blog about. It does not have to take a lot of time or, honestly, a lot of effort. And if it’s something you want to learn, it won’t be boring.. right?

So if you ever find yourself at a loss when thinking of something to blog about, try what I do… you might just learn something;)

Well..What do you think? Would this work for you? What do YOU do in this situation??

Let us know in the comments below..

– Geoff.

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18 thoughts on “What do I Blog About?”

  1. Hi Geoff.
    Great post. I suffer from blockages now and again but I find once I know what I want to post on my blog I just start! Writing is just about putting your purposeful thoughts onto the screen or the paper. All of us have useful things to share. It’s often about having a little confidence to start. I have also found that networking with other bloggers is very, very helpful. It’s a kind of synergy.
    I am sure lots of people will follow your lead, Geoff. To be honest, if we want to succeed on the internet, we had better get used to blogging. There is not better way to syndicate yourself around the internet.
    Best wishes


  2. Thanks for the great advice Geoff, just recently I started my own blog to help market a system I’m using to build my NPN business, but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to come up with things to blog about, but I will take on board what you suggest.

    Thanks again,

    Kevin Pritchard

  3. Hello Geoff,

    and thank you for the great information as usual. I also have my own blog, and sometimes it is very difficult to get inspired to write a new blog post. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my screen for a while, I cant think of nothing, I feel like I have blogged most subjects to death. I really like your approach to getting unblocked and inspired. As a blogger there is no better feeling as being inspired to write, it is like it just flows like water and the thoughts just come flooding out. Thank you once again for the advice.

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

  4. As always.. Great info Geoff.

    I have several blogs about a few different subjects..
    But like you I sometimes find it hard to think of a topic.

    First off I must have a quite place.
    Since I am not a typist I have to have lots of paper…
    Once I focus on a subject I can’t seem to write fast enough
    I also find that my mind wanders off into a different areas,
    but yet still on the main topic. I always write these ideas down
    EACH….at the top of a new sheet of paper.
    When I am done with the first post I usually find that I have
    a few more things I am able to post about.

    I come across people all the time that say they are not writers.
    I always tell them the first one is the hardest, they get easier.
    The hardest part is starting!!
    So just start, start anywhere.. start in the middle start at the end
    But just start!.

    I find when I write stuff out on paper I am able to put things in
    better order, since I am able to to cut and tape things together
    so that the post flows easier.
    The hardest part for me is TYPING!!!!
    That is what takes me a long time..

    Keep up the great work Geoff.

    Skype ID abeque

    • Well, I admire you for getting your thoughts from pen to paper, then to computer. I have to type, my mind is faster than my pen. Sometimes I’ll record ideas with my voice to my iphone, to transcribe later. Whatever works for you is always the best.

  5. Great post Geoff, I have also started my own blog to teach
    others. I sometime find it difficult as I have never been a writer.
    I have to admit that I am getting better. There is so much to learn
    and teach on the internet. Thanks

  6. Hi Geoff, i do agree with you . I started my blog the other in fact it is still under construction but yesterday i attended a success day with one of MLM in my country and i realized i have alot to write about network marketing. Thanks for info

  7. Hi Geoff
    Thanks for the information.
    You are right of course double right in my case. I have the worst time with all the writing aspects on the internet especially blogging and articles not to mention posting in forums. The worst part is I work 60 hours at night and am usually tired and feel rushed to get the job done. I don’t dislike writing but I am apprehensive that it will not be up to the quality it should be because of my lack of skill in the area and yes that is if I can think of something to write about!!!

  8. This is why I have come to Global NPN. One of the rare business opportunities that is transparent.

    It is the same with marketing. As I am new to this world of online marketing, I have found in the last weeks that the trial and error process you are describing is the best way to succeed and prosper. As a recent member here (within the last few weeks) I have spent the last few weeks devouring the information here and am now off to create as many clicks as a I can so the metrics can unfold and I can give to others what I have learned from the site!

    Thank you Geoff!


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