Psst.. Want $10 Free??

Hello NPN’ers,

First of all, welcome to a new year at GlobalNPN!

There’s a whole bunch of new things happening behind
the scenes at NPN, as some of you are aware. This
year will be a year of major expansion for us (and you).
Stick around..

I thought I’d start out with a January upgrade promo. Take
advantage of it as soon as possible for you.

Login to your NPN backoffice and click the link in the
menu that says:

“Psst.. Want $10 Free??”

Have a great weekend, you’ll hear from me early next
week on some upcoming NPN feature additions…

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.

Comment below..

1 thought on “Psst.. Want $10 Free??”

  1. Geoff~

    Great incentive to get people to the Director level! Happy New Year to you and may it be another great one! I know that Dave and I saw 2010 fly by with some decent growth in NPN, hopefully, 2011 will bring more continued growth with your careful attention to this wonderful program!

    Been a profitable member for 4+ years!

    To OUR Success,
    Dave & Steve Goodwin


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