We Will Close Your Sales FOR You!

Hey guys,

Just to bring you up to date on a couple things in GlobalNPN..

First of all..
Our new sales funnel that I put out a while back is closing incredibly well..

I just checked this morning and we’re converting optins to signups at 47%, which is incredibly good.

Plus on the front end it’s generating leads like crazy..

So we get ’em in, and almost half of ’em signup for a GlobalNPN account.

So if what you’re doing isn’t’ working for you and if you’re not using the new sales funnel… you need to start sending your traffic to that funnel.. for the simple reason that it works.

.. On another note..

It’s funny, some people have told me that they aren’t using the new funnel because they don’t like it.

Or because the sales video isn’t crystal clear, or the audio isn’t great, or the page is too long, or whatever.. they don’t like it.

Let me tell you something about marketing..

It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, or whether you think it will work, or whether or not YOU think your prospects are going to like it..

What matters is if it works.

I didn’t build it that way because I thought it looked cool, or because I personally liked the design. What I like doesn’t matter, what you like doesn’t matter. I’ve been building sales funnels for a long time and all I care about is if it works.. and I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t just from my experience.

There are reasons why the audio sounds the way it does. There are reasons why the video is not crystal clear. There are reasons the page is laid out the way it is. I do this stuff deliberately because I know how to do this. Simple as that.

So if you’re not using our sales funnels because you don’t personally like it… your loss…

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I’m just telling you how it is and how online marketing works.

So that’s the first thing..


Now the second thing is something I’m very excited about because it’s going to make it a lot easier for you to bring new people into NPN. Seriously.

What I’m doing is teaming up with a couple very strong, very experienced, marketing friends of mine and what we’re going to be doing is live scheduled webinars and hangouts that will be entirely focused on closing people in GlobalNPN. Selling people on our products and our services..

…and we’re going to be doing this on YOUR behalf..

..Which means these webinars are going to be included in the sales process for all our members.

Put it this way.. all you have to do is send your prospects our way, which will either be through our sales funnel, or through an invite to a webinar, and we will close them for you, live and in person.

So if our sales funnel doesn’t get ’em in, our webinars will.

We’ll do the presenting, and the selling, and you get the credit. How’s that sound?

This is very exciting because I know that it works, and it works well.

So if you commit to sending your leads through our sales funnels, we will commit to doing our best in closing them into GlobalNPN for you.

Sound fair to you??


Let me know in the comments below if you will commit to pushing any and all traffic to our funnels over the next 90 days (at least) so we can push ourselves to closing them for you..

– Geoff Stephen

P.S. If you want to do it on your own, you are free to do that as well.. but why mess with what works? You want to earn money don’t you?

P.P.S. I am meeting with my team over the next couple days to work out a schedule and more of a plan, so I’ll be sure to update when I can.

Comment below..

12 thoughts on “We Will Close Your Sales FOR You!”

  1. I like the sales funnel I personally use my own page for the first step simply because of the no personalization of yours. I do send them to your sales page simply because of the process you have setup. I am seeing more joining, at this time just as a free member but I know if they are serious about building a business the lite will come on. Is there a way to get the MMPro connected to your sales funnel?

    Looking forward to more on this,
    Nick and Debbie Anderson.

  2. Geoff,

    This is nothing less than UNBELIEVABLE (in the positive sense)!!!
    Talk about a fantastic offer (who said “served on a silver platter…). I’m doing some different things online as you know so I’ve seen some different offers and ways to do things, but you simple break the walls, time after time. Way to go man!!

    Please fill me in asap.


  3. Geoff, This sounds like it very well could work. When sending people to the sales
    funnel we have no way of knowing how many leads we have gotten using it.

    Is there any way that we can get notified when a lead opts in?


    • You get an email that says you have a new npn prospect, or something like that. The leads show up in your lead manager found under the Products and Tools tab.

      hope that helps,

      • Thanks Nick, Geoff did inform me about possible future plans to tie the new sales funnel in with the leads manager.


  4. Geoff,
    I wish I had seen LeadSkimmer.com years ago. Your experience with MLM made this program happen. It is absolutely brilliant.
    By the way I was born in Winnipeg but my dad was an American citizen. But my main roots are from Canada. When Daad & Mom moved to Michigan when I was 5 years old, it was not long before I lost most o my French. Still a Canadian at heart.
    Armand Dion


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