SEO 101 – Get ranked the easy way

Hello NPN’ers and Leadskimmers,

This week’s webinar should prove to be
of great value to your online business!

I’ll be teaching some SEO basics that
you should know about for 2013 in
order to get some of that high quality
Google traffic that we’re all after..

Some of the things I’ll be teaching on:

– how to “spoon feed” the SE’s exactly what they want!
– Creating the content that Google loves!
– 5 Link building strategies that actually work!
– the 5 areas of SEO you need to concentrate on
– How to make SEO copywriting super simple!
– Top SEO Tips to focus on for 2013..

Register here right away:

See you there! Be sure to attend as I
usually only record about half of the
webinars I do.

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.

P.S. Feel free to invite any of your prospects
and use the webinar to close them on NPN 🙂

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