Director Machine Training

Hey NPN’ers,

Please watch the video.

I plan on having ‘at least‘ module #1 of the NPN Director Machine training in your backoffice by Friday. Module #2 may by in by Friday, I can’t say right now. So at least Module #1 which will get you started on setting up your Director business with Global NPN the right way.

July is going to be a big month for NPN training. ie. there will be lots from me! I plan on doing regular webinars to keep everyone on the right track when setting up their NPN business. Stay tuned..

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– Geoff Stephen


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12 thoughts on “Director Machine Training”

  1. Awesome Geoff!

    This is absolutely going to be huge as far as team building goes. It’s going to be easy to bring in top people with this new training since it will save them time from training new members!

    I cannot wait!
    -Gabriel Johansson

  2. Thank You for making NPN one of the most lucrative and easiest programs online to promote Geoff.

    This new training will really help with retention too which is a huge factor for us.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Tom. Retention is always an issue, no matter what business you’re talking about. It depends on the type of person you bring in, in conjunction with the support you provide to them.

      Even if you spend hours training, you’ll still see people drop out – it’s the nature of the business.

      All we can do is provide the training and motivation to ensure they have the BEST chance of sticking around.

      • Hey Geoff,

        Retention will always be a problem that’s for sure, but like you said it’s all about providing the right training and motivation to the right people.

        Can’t wait to see the first module!



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