Endless Marketing ideas for Global NPN

Hello NPN’ers,

So… why are YOU in this business?

Here is some marketing advice that you can use that will guarantee you’ll NEVER have trouble thinking up advertising ideas for GlobalNPN. Endless email subject lines, endless capture page ideas, endless marketing.

Time and time again I see ads that focus specifically on “making more money” when the real reasons for doing this business aren’t even touched upon in the advertising. There is so much more depth in marketing this type of opportunity that most people don’t ever think about or even consider. If you focus on the money-making aspect of this business, you’re missing out on so much more.

In order to sell (or recruit) you have to reach to the more emotional side of the answer to the question “Why do you want to start a business for yourself?”. You have to dig deeper. You have to keep asking “Why” until you get down to the “root” of the answer. Once you start to do that, you’ll see there are endless ways to advertise your opportunity, and endless emotional “triggers” that you can hit along the way in order to give people what they really want.

So, when I ask people WHY they want to start their own online business. I ask them to really think about it first. Why? Really, why? (In fact, here is a conversation you can have with yourself which will help in your marketing…)

The answer I most often get is: “Because I want to make (more, extra, lots of) money.”

Really? Is that really “why” you want to get into this business? The money? Honestly, I don’t think so.

Sure, the money may be the “top level reason” why you want to do this. But who cares, we all want to make more money.. Why? Why do you want to make more money? Think about it…

Now complete this sentence: “I want to make more money because…”

I’ll use an example here.

“I want to make more money because…”

“.. I want my online business to pay my mortgage every month.”

Ok, good start. The mortgage helper. But WHY do you want your mortgage to be paid off every month?

“.. so I can have some extra money left over at the end of the month.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. Again… WHY do you want some extra money every month?

“.. so I can save the money to take my kids on a great vacation in the summer.”

Fantastic.. but WHY do you want to take your kids on a great vacation?

“.. it gives us quality time with our kids and we will create some lifelong family memories.”

Yes, but WHY are these lifelong family memories so important to you?

“.. because that’s what my parents did for me when I was a child.”

WHY is it important that you do this for YOUR kids?

“.. it made me happy as a child and I appreciated it, and I want my kids to be happy as well..”

Excellent. We won’t take it any further but do you see what we got from this conversation? We started at: “.. to make more money”, and we got all the way down to “.. to make my kids happy”. Everything in between are ideas and advertising triggers you can use that go far beyond the money-making aspect of opportunity marketing.

The information you get from a conversation like this is pure gold. It almost always starts the same and ends the same. From “making money” to “happiness”. The steps in between is what you’re looking for. We all know that making more money can make us happier – but you have to ask “WHY” in order to get to the good marketing stuff.

Do this exercise yourself, and think of different responses that people may have to the top level questions. Just replace the answer about paying the mortage to something else.. maybe something like “.. because I want to quit my job.” Well… WHY do you want to quit your job? See what I mean?

All you have to do is ask WHY.

So now I ask you.. why do you want to succeed with your GlobalNPN business?

– Geoff Stephen

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21 thoughts on “Endless Marketing ideas for Global NPN”

  1. Geoff is so right. Our emotions govern everything we do. Appeal to ones emotions and you are on the right track.

    HOW do you know when you’ve got it right? Well… create a new topic, then sit back and read it as though it were your first time. Would YOU open the email or click on the Ad? OK… it’s a WINNER!

    Thanks for all you do Geoff. We love you! ( Emotional poke *wink* )

  2. Hi Geoff,

    Once when I was a kid and we attended the last day in school before summer vacation, there was a Priest talking to all the kids in the schoolyard. He said, “This summer I hope you’ll all become rich…” (and made a short pause where we all saw the dollar signs pass by our eyes), and continued, “of impressions and experiences”. So what did he really mean by that?

    Well regardless what he actually meant, what he said has followed me all my life and together with what I learned from home that giving is just as fine (and mostly better) as receiving, I work hard with the great opportunity that NPN provides to be able to help less fortunate people to have a decent life, and if it can go hand in hand with me providing for my own family and kids, inlaws etc. well then I will be very happy.

    Personally it’s also a nice feeling to succeed and achieve the goals I set out, because it gives me peace of mind, and I can really be the true person that I am, and avoid most of the daily “stress”.

    Just my two cents…

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Right on Geoff, every email or other type of ad or even splash pages have to include the BENEFITS that the program features will end up giving the end user.

    Thanks for a great post Geoff.


    • Tom, one step further.. You have to include the “solutions” to the problems that the user may be facing at the time.. not just the benefits of the products.

      Thanks for the comments.

  4. My goal here has always been to use the extra income to help the nuns in a school for homeless children here in the Philippines
    If your only goal is making money without a purpose I think you will never satisfied in your life.
    I wish you all great success

  5. If your why is just more money, you’ll not be able to succeed because eventually you’ll give up when you hit a rock. For myself, I do not want to get retrenched
    from my job again as it happen 10 yrs ago.
    God bless all of you

  6. wow your teaching and endeavor to make other achieve their goals with right approach and right planning is good. One should always have a “you” attitude. In other words, one should always be able to read and understand what other person is thinking or wants to achieve. If you do understand that , you will be able to build rapport with your prospect and set a long term fruitful relation with your prospect. Thanks for such a wonderful advice. keep it up.

  7. Great sharing indeed Geoff. Instead of trying to push a sale, it’s always wise to use responsible interviewing techniques to pre-qualify and assess the suitability of the person who is looking for extra source of income to see if he/she has a strong ‘WHY’ for such a home-based business from home. Through the interview, you’ll usually be able to find the most pressing reason or reasons for wanting to start the partnership with you.

  8. Great info…thank you….I too enjoy my business as I blog everyday I try to think about what others want, not what I want. If you make others happy, you too will be happy…this is my motto. I like helping elderly people and children…if you bless them with some kindness, or help some elderly person do a menial job, they are so grateful and you feel better and do a better job. I believe in paying ahead….

  9. Very true Geoff, I never realize that all of these are a ways of generating good headers. These are of course the kind of questions many newbies (that includes me of course LOL!) come into the picture in the first place!! Thank YOU Geoff. Real hard cold stuff!

  10. Excellent post Geoff! the kind we’ve come to expect from you-:)
    It always pays to dig deeper and deeper…it’s never what it appears to be on the top…


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