GlobalNPN Webinars, anyone?

Hey, what’s happening NPN’ers?

I have a question for you..

Webinars, anyone?

I am planning on doing regular free webinars for GlobalNPN in the near future. Covering everything from “how to” tutorials, to taking your NPN business to the next level. Sort of a “continuing training” after having gone through all the training missions (soon to be) in your backoffice. These will probably start off as being twice per week if the interest is genuinely there. They will be available (and relevant) to any eMarketers regardless of what level you’re at, and guests/prospects will be welcome also.

There’s really nothing like live interaction and live training to keep you up to speed, and keep you motivated as well. I feel I have a lot to offer in the way of online marketing training and coaching and I know that a lot of people can benefit from it if we get together on a regular basis.

I would like to know how many of you would be interested in attending these online sessions… I really need to know so I can have an idea of what I should be putting together, and how often.

Please vote below to let me know where you’re at (pick one and click the ‘Vote’ button):

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Thanks for voting!

Please “comment below” if you have suggestions for times and which days during the week are best.

Have a good day.
– Geoff Stephen

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35 thoughts on “GlobalNPN Webinars, anyone?”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    There’s no doubt that I absolutely will attend every webinar (unless there should be a single time when I for one reason or another can not make it). Thanks a lot for planning this and as usual… can’t hardly wait….

    Have a great day!

  2. I think it is very generous of you to give of your time and talents here by doing training webinars for all who would like to come and learn.

    I would be able to attend at least once a week and probably more if they are at a decent hour.

    I am in the pacific time zone so 6 or 7 pm would be ideal.

    Thanks again for your efforts.


  3. HI Geoff, JR here in Sunny (HOT) California. I think that since this is one of 2 of my main programs, it would be awesome to get real up to date info from all who want to share. I have been on the sidelines and out of marketing since 2003 when I broke my back and have had 3 surgeries since. SO I am ready to rock and roll with this system and again start EARNING some MONEY! If you think U can, then you can, just give it to us and we will try to SOAK it in. In the long run it will be beneficial for all of us. Motivation does wonders for those that take advantage of it. This old man needs all the help he can get at this point. Go for it. Thanks much John – (JR) – Rivera

  4. Hi Geoff the webinars are a fantastic idea I will attend each one. I am in the UK could I suggest that one of the webinars be Saturday morning EST. Because of the time differences around the world it will make the live webinars more accessible globally.

  5. Geoff, it’s a brilliant idea! The only reason I chose “1 per week” is because of the huge time difference.. Malaysia is ahead of BC by 14 hours :o) will definitely try my best to be there! However if you could make recorded sessions available in the members area that would be just great for everyone in this part of the world :o)

    • Melody Christiesays.
      Absolutely with you it agree! Record webinars would be very much to become.
      I live in Kazakhstan and time to sit on webinars at me wasn’t present. And I would look at record with pleasure. Questions can be set and later.

  6. Hey Geoff… In my opinion webinars are an excellent tool and resource as they invariably provide the sort of feedback that business owners need to improve upon their business model. I also know that surveys are a great tool too. Looking at your YouTube channel and the excellent training you provide their has prompted me to think that you could tie in the key elements of that those trainings into a “…do this first, do this next” order and create a flow on series of webinars from there that we could watch later on the back office and/or download them to watch later. Hope that helps…

  7. Hi Geoff, I would like to join all of them but the only things that hold me back is the timezone matter. I’m from Malaysia, GMT +8.00, it is about 12 hours ahead from EST – Eastern Standard Time. By the time you wake up, I’m about to go to bed. 🙂
    Anyway, let see when you have come out with the time, maybe I can make an adjustment.
    After all, it is all about want or don’t want to join. I can make a change!

  8. Good day to you,
    I would rather prefer a recorded version of the webinars.
    Being in South Africa makes whatever times you pick very difficult. (We need some sleep as well)
    Just checked out another webinar request @ 06.00 pm est is 03.00 am SA!!!
    To difficult to try and please everybody.

  9. Hi Geoff

    Im making GlobalNPN as my main business online, just now i feel kind of alone with it all, sometimes motivation does drop, I think that a weekly webinar is a great idea and its a great little reminder of what can be done and achieved and also to feel part of something and not just another paid program.


  10. Geoff, I think that since most of the members are in the US and Canada if you scheduled it at 10 PM eastern that would be 6 PM Pacific, which would give everyone an opportunity to get home from work. Having all of the webinars recorded and posted in a timely manner would let all in time zones around the world that can’t fit into that schedule able to watch them soon after they are recorded.

    Geoff you are doing a great job. NPN is now my main marketing program. Your support and continued commitment to develop and release training materials is one of many reasons why NPN is so awesome.



  11. I’m in Hawaii by the time I’m home time I’m home from
    work it’s like 8 or 9 in the evening on the west coast
    It would be cool if it was able to be viewed at any time
    This way I wouldn’t miss it

  12. From all the comments it is obvious that you won’t be able to please everybody.

    So, you pick the time, those that can make it should join, those that can’t make it will hope for a recorded version.

    Good luck on your decision.

  13. Hi Geoff
    Would love NPN Webinars to be available for my team…critical thing is that it would be good if they were recorded so people in different time zones can pick them up….that’s the beauty of the new plan network….it’s Global!

    Best wishes to all


  14. Sorry, I am late to the party but I believe Webinars would be a great idea. The only thing I don’t like about them is when I cannot see who is attending. If I am going to invite people to them I would like to see if they are there rather than simply guessing/assuming. Also, I am sure that one or two per week would more than enough – maybe one for ‘Tools Training’ and one for ‘Email Marketing’ (or marketing in general).

  15. Excellent idea Geof. Folks are so inundated with every program and product and impersonal type of marketing system that webinars and videoes are crucial to add to credibility.

  16. I agree with what some other folks have suggested. Could there be repeats and also could we download them? It normally helps me if I can listen to them a few times, take notes, refer back to them, etc. So having access whenever I want or need them is imperative.


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