3 Things You Can Do Every Day to Build Your Business Before Lunch Time

3 Things You Can Do Every Day “Before Lunch Time” to Build Your Online Business

So.. what are you going to do this morning? How about tomorrow morning? How about EVERY morning? Do you have a plan? Do you have a schedule?

You should.

Call it what you want, I call it my “morning brain”.

If you don’t really know what “those tasks” might be, here are a few do give you some ideas…

1. Create New Unique Content

Content? Write a new blog post. Spin it into an article. Make a video and upload it to Youtube. Create a powerpoint presentation and spin that into videos, articles, blogs, and email broadcasts… Create something! Focus all your content on generating leads to your list!

2. Advertise

Buy a solo ad. Start a Facebook PPC campaign. Run a classified. Buy some TE credits. Solo ads are awesome, make sure you are tracking everything. Send a broadcast to your list.

3. Socialize

Comment on blogs. Comment on Facebook. Share stuff on Facebook. Tweet everything. Put yourself out there and get in touch with people. Be friendly. Be helpful. Be excited. Be the “go-to” guy/gal.

Bonus: 4. Learn Something New

Go to Google and do some research. Learn how to write good ad copy. Learn how to write a good followup sequence for your autoresponder. Learn how to create a good squeeze page. Learn how to followup with your leads based on their personality type. Learn. Learn. Learn.

There you are. I guess the point here is to just do SOMETHING that will grow your business. Just do it. Just do it.

What are your first tasks in the morning? Comment below..

See ya!

– Geoff Stephen