You can’t overdose on this painkiller


Yesterday I had a painful headache.

A pretty nasty one.

So.. like millions of other people, I went out and bought some pills.

I went home and I took a couple of those pills.. and the pain went away.

Simple enough.

Pain? Killed.

Problem? Solved.

I had pain, I bought a product, my pain went away.

Welcome to the world of “how to sell stuff”.

Welcome to the world of “how to sell as much stuff as you want, whenever you want”.

You see, when you sell a product, ANY product, your focus is to kill a pain that someone is having.

Someone has pain, your product kills that pain.

This is true of ANY product.

Of course you can equate the “pain” to a want or a need. Same deal. Same response.

If someone’s pain is their credit card debt, your product could kill that pain if you could show them how to get out of it.

If someone’s pain is they can’t afford to take the kids on vacation this year, your product could show them how to earn the money to do that, or how to do it less expensively.

It’s all based on pain.

Someone WANTS a new car? Their pain is that they don’t have the car they want. Show them how to get what will kill their pain, and you make money.

I just read that painkiller medication will reach over $68Billion dollars in revenue this year. That’s a lot of relieved headaches.

If you think of your own products this way, you will help more people, and you will make a LOT more money.

Kill the pain.

If you’re not sure how to kill the pain, or how to market your product correctly to accomplish this.. If that is your pain, I can help you double or triple your online product sales.

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– Geoff Stephen

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