How To Hit Obnoxious Home Runs



Quick story..

I received a Skype call out of the blue the other day from one of my affiliates. She kind of caught me off guard since I wasn’t expecting a call, but I happened to have my Skype open at the time.. so we had a little chat..

Here’s the scenario..

This marketer has been in the ‘business’ for 2 years, hasn’t had much success, has ‘tried everything under the sun’, has never made any significant amount of money, and is frustrated (and overwhelmed) with it all. Basically she was ready to quit.

I don’t think she really ‘wanted’ to quit, but she was at that point.

Ever been there?

So after lots of back and forth, with me giving her plenty of advice regarding goal setting, and just generally how she could be doing her marketing more effectively, I managed to talk her down off the edge of the building.

But after all was said and done, she still had that one burning question that plagues so many of us early on in our marketing careers..

“Ok, Geoff, what’s the fastest and easiest way to make money online?”

I suppose it’s a pretty fair question, as it’s something that gets asked on a daily basis by those who are new to the industry, or by those who are struggling to make any sort of income on the internet.

How do I DO it?

What do I DO in order to reach my goals?

.. and how do I accomplish this as quickly as possible?

Ok, here’s what I see happening on a daily basis in our marketing world..

Thousands (probably millions) of people all at once trying their best to reinvent the wheel.

All these people looking for that great idea, or ‘secret’ strategy that will take their business to the ‘next level’.
… and.. guess what? none of them are making any money.

It’s unfortunate, really.

Now, I’m not going to go ahead and say that marketing is ‘easy’, or shouldn’t take much effort, because you still have to master certain aspects of marketing in order to get ahead of the crowd (and it’s a pretty big crowd).

I will say that there are thousands of ways to make money online, and there is no “best” way to do it. There are best practices and it all kind of works the same (ie. it’s all sales) and there are just as many thousands of ways to go about it..

Ok.. back to my story..

So, what did I tell my Skype caller?

I told her exactly what I did that was one of the (many) things that turned my marketing business around back when I was first starting.

This was the absolute most important thing that I did in my business that made the biggest difference for me.

I copied what other successful people were doing, on an abolutely OBNOXIOUS level.

Let me explain..

Back when I was making a few dollars (literally) in marketing, of course I wanted to make more money.

But I didn’t know HOW.

I mean, I’m a pretty smart dude, so why am I seeing all these other people making a lot more money than me.

Why am I not there.. yet?

So one day I just said, “Screw this, instead of trying to do things my way (which apparently isn’t working), I’m going to find someone that has what I want. Then I’m going to copy them and do exactly what they’re doing to get what they want.. and if I copy them, I should get the same thing, right?”

That made sense to me.

Total sense.


I found 2 or 3 people that were making the kind of money that I thought was realistic for me at the time..


Then I watched them.

Every single day.

I watched what they were doing.

I watched how they communicated.

I watched what their “process” was.

I asked them questions.


A lot.

Not only that, I started making the kind of money they were making.

It wasn’t a lot of money, mind you, but it was what I set my sights on.

It was fun, and best of all, it was predictable.

It was only a few hundred bucks but it was good.

Remember I said I did this on an “obnoxious” level. Meaning I focused directly on WHAT they were doing, not what I “thought” I SHOULD be doing.

Get that?

It’s like when you’re learning how to swing a baseball bat. You don’t just do it your way and hope you hit a homerun.

You learn how the homerun hitters do it. You watch them, you learn, you practice. THEN you hit homeruns.


.. and THAT IS the easiest, and fastest, way to success in internet marketing.

So here are the steps:

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Find someone that already has what you want.
  3. Learn what they did to get what they have.
  4. Do what they do to get what you want.
  5. Repeat.

If you have any questions about this, please ask away..

.. and if you’re interested in getting what you want even faster, let me know and I can fill you in on my coaching/consulting packages. I can help you get ahead of the crowd before they even see you coming!

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Geoff Stephen

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5 thoughts on “How To Hit Obnoxious Home Runs”

  1. Hi Geoff, I like your post. I have tried the suggestion you made but first I started with my sponsors because they were on the leader board constantly. This is the response I got when I asked questions, “it will happen for you just keep doing what you’re already doing.” When I outright asked for help, response, “I don’t even talk to anyone that haven’t bought anything from me.” Mind you I am paying a monthly subscription fee, of course, I cut my losses immediately. Two others I am still waiting for the reply. I am at the point of giving up myself, I am trying to supplement my retirement income, so I don’t know if I can afford your coaching pkgs, but I would be willing to take a look.

    L. Lee

  2. Good post Geoff,

    A little while ago I attended a npn webinar recording on safelist marketing, and decided to put into practice what was being taught, ie follow the person who is having success with safelist marketing. Well it’s beginning to pay off, I’m getting leads coming in, plus I made a sale last night!

    Following people who are having the success that you want is definitely a key for moving toward the success that you’re after, thanks Geoff, and thanks Nick!



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