Why would I upgrade to PLUS?

Hello NPN’ers,

This video is directed to our members that aren’t sure if, or why, they should be upgrading.

I hope I can give you enough information in the video so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should be upgrading your Global NPN account to the PLUS (or higher level) from the NPN PRO level..

You may be surprised by the HUGE impact an upgrade to PLUS can have on your monthly income! Watch the video below to find out more:


[toggle title=”Text version of this video” style=”fancy”]For many (obvious) reasons we have a lot of members that are at the NPN PRO level, paying $10.75 per month for the services and products we provide. Everybody has their reasons for staying at the entry level position of course, but I’d like to give you all a quick “FYI” on what it means to your business if you upgrade your membership to the next (NPN PLUS) level..

One of the great features of NPN is that you can progress up the “ladder system” however and whenever you like, but many people just don’t realize the huge difference it could make to your online success if you were just one level higher on the ladder.

The advantages are business related, product related, and “presence” related.

First of all, the difference in cost between the PRO and the PLUS levels makes it the least expensive upgrade in the entire system. The PRO membership is $10.75 per month, whereas the PLUS membership is just $19.97 per month, a difference of only $9.22. When you see the difference in what you get for your $9.22 you may be pleasantly surprised..

Here is what your products include in comparison between the PRO and PLUS levels:

Ad Trackers:

PRO: 5
PLUS: Unlimited

URL Rotators:

PRO: 3 rotators
PLUS: 10 rotators

Downline Builder:

PRO: 3 programs listed
PLUS: 5 programs listed

Banner Rotator:

PRO: 3 banners
PLUS: 5 banners

CapturePage Creator:

PRO: 1 page
PLUS: 3 pages

MailMarketerPro (autoresponder):

PRO: 1 contact list, no email templates
PLUS: 3 contact lists, ALL 120 email templates

MultiSponderElite (autoresponder):

PRO: 10 campaigns
PLUS: Unlimited campaigns

PRO: 5,000 maximum subscribers
PLUS: 10,000 maximum subscribers

PRO: NO lead imports
PLUS: YES to lead imports

The product increases speak for themselves, but what about building your business:

As a PRO member, the maximum you can earn in monthly referral bonuses is $5 per month. At the PLUS level that amount doubles to $10.00 per month. With just 2 PLUS referrals, you are already in profit every month! But wait.. let’s not forget about the one-time upgrade bonuses that you can earn as a PLUS member..

As a PLUS member, each time you sponsor a new member that joins at the PLUS (or higher) level, you earn an ADDITIONAL one-time bonus of $5.00! That means if you sponsor a new PLUS member, you will earn: the $10.00 monthly referral bonus, $.50 downline commissions, PLUS the extra ‘one-time’ $5.00 bonus! That’s $15.50 in the first month! … and your cost is just $19.97..

Now the biggest team-building advantage is the difference in the minimum monthly commission payouts.

As a PRO member, your earnings need to total at least $20 before a commission payment will be made, and your earnings will “carry over” each month until you earn that amount. At the PLUS level, the minimum commission payout for you would be just $10.00. Simply put, you will EARN FASTER at the PLUS level than you would at the PRO level. For that reason alone many of our new members join at the PLUS (or higher) levels right away.

A huge reason that the PLUS level makes more business sense, is the availability of your NPN External Profile Page. At the PRO level, your NPN affiliate link does not include a link to your profile page. At the PLUS level, however, you have the ability to add your own profile page to our website, which HUGELY increases your chances of making a sale and recruiting a new downline member. Again, this is a HUGE reason that our members upgrade to PLUS. Your prospects are far more likely to join under you if you have your profile page active because they know that there’s a real person behind the website…

The last (but not least) reason to upgrade is being able to put yourself in a leadership role simply by being at a higher level on the ladder than your referrals. The whole reason our ladder system works is because our leaders make sure they are at at least one level higher than their referrals on the ladder. Upgrading and encouraging your referrals to upgrade is where you will make the most money in this business, and it’s very difficult to get your referrals to upgrade if you YOURSELF haven’t upgraded yet to a higher level. If YOU lead the way, the rest will follow, that’s how it works… not the other way around.

Do it today..
– Double commissions
– Faster payouts
– Bonus money
– Profile pages
– Leadership presence
– Product increases..

I’m not trying to sell you on a higher priced product here, I’m trying to make you see the advantages of upgrading in NPN and how it can really boost your income. Specifically between the PRO and the PLUS levels. The ideal upgrade as I always recommend is to DIRECTOR of course because that’s the biggest jump in everything, income, products. The differences between PRO and PLUS are worth noting, and if you can see what I’m saying it may be the right time to start the process today..

Have a great day!

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– Geoff Stephen

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17 thoughts on “Why would I upgrade to PLUS?”

  1. If you see any other marketing system, they’re $50-$100 per month plus hosting and autoresponders, so at a product standpoint, go for the GOLD level.

    10 Gold referrals is $650+ per month PROFIT minimum 😉

    This is where we all should be at. I am upgrading payday next month and sticking to Gold, then Platinum ASAP.

    In my opinion, there are too many options.. I think there should be Pro, Director, and Gold to simplify things, but maybe thats just me.

    Thanks for the post!
    -Gabriel Johansson

    • Yes, Gold is really where it’s at if you’re a serious marketer. I’ve had lots of people focus on Gold for that reason – faster and bigger income.

      I tend to agree with your statement about there being too many options – however it wouldn’t be much of a “ladder” with only 3 steps ;).

      – Geoff Stephen

  2. Yeah that is for sure, but I guess if I explain it in the way it was meant to be explained, it would make more sense to prospects.

    Work your way up, or buy your way up. I choose both. Hah.

    All things considered though, $100/month for a complete system with that kind of potential ROI? I don’t know why I didn’t stick it out earlier on..

  3. Great description of all the advantages of Plus level… but I definitely think Director should be the minimum…. that hosting package is just amazing… unlimited hosting…. fantastic.

    I would recommend everyone to think BIG!

    Go Gabriel… going for Gold is definitely a big stride forward!

    Best wishes to all!


    • Director certainly has the more advantages over the lower levels. No doubt there.

      This video was made to inform our PRO members of what awaits them as they move up the ladder.. and that they SHOULD be working their way upwards to reap the benefits.

      – Geoff Stephen

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Still fairly new here ….. have not even had the time to go through all the training.
    It does sound like a no brainer ….. will need to return and spend some time here.

  5. My question is “Why WOULDN’T Anyone Upgrade?”

    The Ladder System works. It brings in members who really can’t afford more than $10.75/mth to start. Most will eventually upgrade when they comprehend what else is available at the higher levels, and can afford it.

    Director Level really is the best BANG for your BUCK, especially with the Blog creation training/hosting all at our fingertips. The earnings potential at THIS Level is breathtaking!

    Silver, Gold and Platinum are the Goals to strive for as your income increases/allows.

    Personally, I would like to see a new Tool added at the PLATINUM Level to make everyone salivate & upgrade. 😉

    And… I have just the idea Geoff. I will send it to you via the Suggestion Box. And thanks for all your constant improvements to an already GREAT Business!

  6. Hi I just joined for the 10.75 if I upgrade now will the 10.75 be deducted from it or would it be better to wait until next month


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