Credit Card Confusion and How to Get Paid

Hello all..

There seems to be some confusion with regards to the issues that Alertpay is having and how it affects your NPN membership.

I received a Skype message from one of our members this morning and she was in a bit of a panic because she thought there was no way to pay for her NPN membership with her credit card – because Alertpay cannot process credit card payments at this time.

I have a feeling there may be more people out there with that same misconception.

Some of our members think that we process our credit cards through Alertpay. We do NOT. We are not “tied in” to Alertpay. Our credit card processing is completely independant of any other processor. In other words, GlobalNPN has it’s own credit card processing through our own banking partners and our own payment gateways. All 100% secure and PCI compliant. There are no issues with our ability to accept credit card payments, and in the many years that we’ve been doing this, we’ve never had an issue.

The issues Alertpay has (I believe) is because they deal with thousands of online businesses, acting as a “middle man” processing their payments. Unfortunately for them, many of their merchants are selling questionable, or even illegal products through Alertpay’s services. Then the banks get involved, and the credit card companies just say “sorry, we won’t do business with you Alertpay”. The credit card companies don’t really care about the merchants, they only care about their customers, the consumers. And if the consumer is getting ripped off, they go right to the source and shut them down. The source would be Alertpay.

This would never be the case with GlobalNPN because again, we have our own merchant status, and do our own processing, all of which has been tailored to us and our business model specifically. A lot of time and money went into ensuring the stability and longevity of our program.

I suppose it comes down to the fact that many people think that to do business online you have to be connected to some 3rd party processor (like Alertpay or Paypal). Perhaps that’s true if you’re a smaller company with not much experience in business. GlobalNPN is not like that. GlobalNPN is stable and long term.

Now, having explained that..

We now know that there’s no issues in being able to pay for your NPN membership with your credit card.

The next issue, is the problem of getting your money (your commissions) out of Alertpay. Withdrawal issues.

Since Alertpay seems to be having issues with their banking partners, some of the usual withdrawal methods are not available at this time. For example, doing a bank transfer withdrawal in the US I don’t think is available. In other countries it is still available but I can’t tell you what countries because I don’t know.

There are still withdrawal options working in Alertpay. They may not be the most convenient but you can still get your money by bank wire and paper check, depending on where you are.

So.. you can still get your money out in different ways.

Now here’s what I am doing right now with regards to paying you guys your commissions. I am working personally with a few online services to ensure you can get paid faster and more conveniently in the future with NPN. I’m leaning towards paying via debit cards or payroll cards that will work the same way no matter where in the world you live. I’m trying to give you the option of removing that 3rd party processor completely out of the picture so you can get paid by GlobalNPN directly.

I think too many affiliates are locked in to things like Alertpay, and although that option will always be there, we need to make this easier and more convenient for all of us.

So.. in the near future you will see some options in NPN where we can pay you directly without any of the processor issues that we see in this industry all the time. We shouldn’t have to deal with that stuff anyways.

.. to recap..

– You can pay for your NPN membership with your credit card (but not through Alertpay)
– You should still be able to get your money out of Alertpay
– We will soon be providing you with another way to get paid your NPN commissions.

I will keep you all updated with our progress on this, so stay tuned to our company facebook page, our message board, and our blog to get the latest information.

And you will hear from me soon.

Have a good day.

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– Geoff Stephen


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  1. Thanks for the update Geoff, that was very helpful. Good to know that people like you are watching out for us.

    These issues can be very disconcerting especially when people don’t really know the ins and outs about how these services work.

  2. I’m tired of AlertPay. Their continual stumbling has hurt my business more than once. I’ve thought about StormPay, but I liked the Payoneer recommendation due to Jaden’s experience with it. AP is too clunky for a smooth running pro business.


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