What happened to Payza?

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As some of you may already know, Payza has recently updated their user agreement and acceptable use policies.

Here is their update on their blog:


The most notable part being this in their “Activities Not Allowed” section:

“Selling of Unregistered/Unlicensed Stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures, or investments in any entity or property, including (but not limited to) corporations and partnerships or sole proprietorship, are prohibited:

  • Solicitation, marketing campaign, direct selling or any other comparative effort will be considered a violation of the User Agreement. If you are registered or licensed to take such action, you may be requested to present documentation demonstrating authority to do so from a Securities Exchange Commission, Commodities Futures Trading Commission or other equal and comparative agency.”

What this is saying is that they won’t deal with HYIP’s or pyramids or ponzi’s anymore. Any of those so-called “investment” sites.

Obviously we are not one of those sites, we are not similar in any way to those sites. GlobalNPN is a real business. However Payza will probably group us all under the same category of high-risk mlm. I’ve seen it before. It’s not their fault, it’s the credit card companies that have these policies.

So… how does this affect GlobalNPN and LeadSkimmer??

Well, it won’t affect the way we do business and it won’t affect our payout structure. And it certainly will NOT affect you being able to receive commissions for your GlobalNPN business.

There seems to be some misconception that if Payza won’t do business with us, we will cease to exist. I’m not sure why but some people think that’s the case.


People that use Payza to pay for their NPN membership accounts for less than 20% of our entire membership. ie. not many NPN’ers use Payza. Why? Because we already have an easier way to pay and get paid.

GlobalNPN does it’s own 100% secure credit card processing through our own merchant accounts and banks (it’s what real businesses do). We accept payment with Visa or Mastercard directly. NO third party processor is involved. Payza or any other processor isn’t even in the picture. They’re not necessary in our case.

As far as paying commissions, again we have our own re-loadable debit card that you can order for FREE from your NPN backoffice. And every month we simply load your commissions right onto your debit card, and you can use it like any other Mastercard, or withdraw your funds from any ATM around the world, completely global. You can even pay for your NPN membership with that debit Mastercard. It doesn’t get any easier. No payza involved.

Another feature that’s really convenient with regards to your debit card is that you (or anyone else) can load funds onto your card. They just need your card number and they can go to the Payoneer website and put money right onto your card.

So.. what’s next?

Here’s the scenario.

IF Payza decides that they won’t do business with us because of their policies, no big deal. It doesn’t affect our business.

So what will be happening is this:

For GlobalNPN and LeadSkimmer, you will have the option of getting paid onto your GlobalNPN debit card, or you can request a paper check in US funds that we will mail to you.

Personally I’d rather not use any online payment processor because of the amount of fraud that goes through them, and because in our case they’re not really necessary. But if need be, we will hook up with a different processor that can satisfy our long term needs for our businesses.

So those are my thoughts based on what I know. I’ve heard that Payza’s policies go into affect on July 20th, which I can’t confirm because I haven’t heard from them either way.

Back to business as usual.

Any questions let me know.

– Geoff Stephen

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  1. Thanks for the great information Geoff.

    I think anything with a Matrix is going to be faulted.

    But I still don’t see the issues.

    I use my NPN card so I don’t use Payza anyway.

    Thanks for the updates Geoff.

  2. Seems alot of companies use Solid Trust as well. Have you ever thought about using that as an option.

    Some people don’t use it because they feel by connecting with Solid Trust there site will be considered a scam site since solid trust has a history with scam sites.

    It’s funny.

    This world is governed by a matrix or should I say pyramid system but yet I bet there able to use Payza without a hitch lol

    • I thought about them a while back.

      But why do we need their services? Our debit card pretty much covers everything. You can load it yourself with a different credit card, and in the US you can do so from a bank account.

      And it’s a Mastercard which works just like any credit card, plus you can withdraw cash from it at any atm.

      Money goes in, money goes out. What more is there?

  3. Would it be possible to add direct bank deposit as a payout option as well? If not, I will just go with a paper check because I’m not too keen on all the fees associated with the Payoneer card.

    Thanks for the update.

  4. It won´t be easy for some of us international members. I have used Payza to pay my monthly fee and to get paid my commissions. However, and until I receive my NPN debit card on the mail I will see my monthly fee expired in July 24th with no chance to pay it. If there´s a way to temporary pay through anothe debit card, I don´t know the process.
    Paper checks will not work where I live either. I should travel a long distance to cash it out.

  5. Payza is transitioning sites that fall under their above TOS to their new affiliate website,


    EgoPay can be funded via bank wire, via Payza or via various exchangers and funds can be withdrawn from EgoPay to Payza.

    You can see my latest blog post related to one of my HYIP sites here for more info.


    If NPN admin hasn’t gotten notice from Payza, I’d say it isn’t going to be lumped into those sites with Activities Not Allowed.

  6. Hello Geoff, I have been using Payza to pay for my subscriptions. Recently, I tried to pay for a Domain name NPNhosting: nKechiudomcashsystemblog through Payza but they turned it down saying they are not accepting payments for the merchant.
    I sent you 2-3 mails concerning this issue. You never did respond.You kept sending notices[3] of over due invoice without actually addressing my issue.

    Now, I would like to start using my VISA GOLD CARD in place of Payza. Can you please direct me how to go about this change. I do not need the Payoneer card since I have a Visa Gold Card attached to my Bank Account.
    Awaiting your immediate response.
    Nkechinyere Udom

  7. This “latest” fiasco with AlertPay/Payza, tied in to all the past “excuses” and “problems” with their system(s) is the straw that broke this camel’s back! It’s really disgusting, too, that each time I submit a request for payment via “check” that they list as a “free” (no fee) and then deduct money, I have to wait 3-5 days until someone there gets off their duff to process my request and then I have to wait 4-5 days because of the mailing time to receive my funds. I put in my request for my commissions last Friday and here it is the following Thursday and my check request is “Still PENDING!” Really great way to do business……NOT!

    They have conveniently turned off their phone services….leaving a message “We’re Sorry we can’t answer your call right now….etc.” I have been trying to speak to a Customer Service Rep since Tuesday!

    I just took out my Payoneer card (that I had squirreled away in my business briefcase) and will be activating it today. The fees are slightly higher, but it should be worth the price of doing business without all the problems, frustrations, high blood pressure issues, lame excuses, delays, unavailabilities….the list goes on.

    If you can find another way of doing business other than Payza, my recommendation is “Take It!” I’ve – personally – “Had Enough!”

    Charlie Lentz
    #124755 Silver

    • Charlie, thanks for the comments.

      If you have a personal pro or business account with Payza, you’re paying 2.5% + $.25 to receive funds.

      If you have our debit card, you’re paying $1.50 to load it, flat fee.

      That means any time you’re loading your debit card for over $50.00 you’re paying less in fees than Payza (in this case).


      You earn $500 from GlobalNPN.

      $500 X 2.5% is $12.50, plus $.25 = $12.75 in fees!

      Debit Card:
      Flat fee of $1.50 for the card load.

      Add that to the “convenience factor” of having the card and the choice is pretty obvious.

      Oh, and btw, I’m not pushing the card because I make any money from it. I don’t get any kickback from the card. It’s just better for our members in the long term.

      – Geoff.

  8. Geoff,
    A debit card maybe fine for those with big commission every month and in the USA. However if you have smaller payouts and live outside the US then the activation and withdrawal fees are much higher – almost double. Can’t you just repay via the card we pay our subs, or even credit our accounts to cover our subs? Personally the Payza is better for me. I appreciate you may have limited options but please consider these points. Thanks

  9. For me too Payza is better as I am NON US.

    I am looking a reliable payment processor and I found this one: https://www.okpay.com/en/index.html

    You guys know this company?

    People of Payza created egopay just now while Okpay was created since 2007 so it seems to me that Okpay is more solid company than egopay.

    I hope Geoff will take a look at Okpay and add it in NPN if it is really reliable and solid company as a one of a payment processor and to receive commissions.

    Any ideas?

    Best Wishes,

  10. Hi Geoff, I seem to have had the same problem as Nkechinyere Udom with paying for a Domain NPNhosting. I could not pay via PayPal and even when you sent me another account to pay into, PayPal still would not want to accept it. I did ask to be able to pay via my Visa Card but you did not reply to that. I notice you mention that one can pay money into Payoneer which I do have but, when I tried to put money into it, Payoneer told me that they only accept money from NPN. Is there some change I must make to enable them to accept money from my side? That would solve my problem of the hosting issue as then I can simply pay money via my Visa Card into Payoneer and then pay for the hosting issue that way.
    Sure there must be a solution to this.

  11. Hi Geoff. I'm new to network marketing, cause I'm use to doing business face to face. Anyway, I signed up for payza and Alert Pay, which I'm not clear on how that works. But I guess I need to order a card to download my money on, true? Which one is available and the easiest to use? How do I go about signing up for one?


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