GlobalNPN Simplified

Hello NPNers,

I thought I would bring you up to date on what’s coming up soon with your GlobalNPN membership..

As you know, the way we do business on the internet is always changing and always evolving into different things. Essentially, technology moves very fast and if you don’t keep up, you get left behind. Simple as that.

Business processes online change as well. What worked yesterday (or last year) may not work today so we have to continually change the processes behind how our business works in order to stay relevant and productive. Software changes, payment methods change, downline structures change, and business costs change as well. GlobalNPN has been online since 2005 and we’ve always tried to ‘keep up with the times’.

The goal has always been to maintain a sustainable business model throughout the years while providing a premium value, service, and opportunity to online marketers. We have always achieved this goal.

Over the past few years, making money online has not become easier, but it has become ‘simpler’.  For example, previously it was much more difficult to create your own blog.  You had to know how to upload files, create databases, and have some technical knowledge. Today it’s point, click, and you have a blog. The same can be said about most other aspects of marketing as well. Unfortunately people tend to think that marketing and making money is simpler now too. It’s not. You still have to know how marketing works, and how to sell, and how to recruit.

As I said, it’s simpler but not easier.

So.. on with the updates..

We have always tried to make GlobalNPN the best over-all opportunity available, for both new marketers and experienced marketers as well. Personally I believe it still is 🙂

What needs to be done now is to make it simpler. Simpler to understand, simpler to use, simpler to set up. And simpler to make money with.

We’ll call this the “simplification” of GlobalNPN..

Part 1: “Look and Feel”

1. New Backoffice

Our backoffice has always had a TON of information in it. All good, all relevant information. However, the biggest issue people have after they join is, “Too much information! Too complicated! Where’s the “easy” button??”.  Some get overloaded with our information and then they get distracted, because some people are lazy and don’t actually want to do the ‘work’ associated with running a business. The backoffice is being “simplified”.  Same great information, easier navigation.

2. New Website

I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of designs while re-doing our main website. I’ve created new sites, and completely scrapped them. Again this comes down to delivering information on what’s inside while keeping it simple on the outside. Not an easy task. What is coming will change the ‘look & feel’ of GlobalNPN. Very cool.

3. New Products / More Training

This is going to be a bit of an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ situation. Simpler, more refined, more value for your membership dollar. Regular training via video and live webinars.

4. New Promotional

Brand new funnels are being created for NPN that you will be able to use to both build your own contact lists, and promote your NPN business. New capture pages, new sales funnels. Awesome.


There is tons of new content and products coming to your backoffice by way of our PLR archive that we’ll be building for you. Your referrals will join for this reason ALONE when it’s promoted higher up on our new website.

Part 2: “The Opportunity”

1. The “Flex” Downline

A lot of consideration has gone into how our downline matrix works, and if it’s the best thing for our members from a “big picture” point of view. In MLM, the ‘forced matrix’ is really only attractive because of it’s spillover potential. Unfortunately, automated placement usually doesn’t put YOUR downline where it needs to be – or where YOU want it to be to get the most from your organization. Think about this.. wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to ‘place’ your new referrals wherever YOU want in your downline? I mean, you earn a 100% matching bonus on all your referrals, wouldn’t you want to be able to MAXIMIZE that potential right away and not have to wait for it to fill in itself?? I know I would.. If you run a team or are planning to do a team build, you’ll love me for this 😉

2. Simplified Membership Level Structure

Back in 2005 when we launched, we had just one membership level. A year later, I extended the membership to 5 levels (Pro, Plus, Director, Silver, Gold Platinum), and it was massively successful. Now, we’re simplifying it. Over the last few years I’ve seen where the money is made, where the money is lost, and what the most attractive situation is to the most people. Most importantly (yes, for you) I’ve seen what the most productive structure would be for the company, with respect to continuing to be sustainable for the long term. In order to continue to provide a high level of product, service, and support, and with respect to the thousands of dollars every month it costs to run GlobalNPN, a couple changes should be made….

Nothing is written in stone on this structure yet, but the proposal is to combine products, services, and costs into 3 simple membership levels: PRO, DIRECTOR, and GOLD. This would allow us to provide more value to each of these 3 levels, making them easier to distinguish between. The PRO level would see the MOST increase in products and services. The DIRECTOR levels cost and commission structure would essentially stay the same as that is our most popular level to join at. There would be slight changes to the costs and commissions at the PRO level in consideration of the value we’re adding in combining it with the PLUS level.

… and that’s about it! There will be more updates on this as we progress.

 Updates are slated to be complete by August 8th.

I believe I said a while back that 2012 would be a ‘transitional’ year for GlobalNPN, this is a VERY exciting time..!

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– Geoff Stephen


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