REMINDER! Your $10 is waiting..

Hello NPN’ers,

This is a reminder that there’s only 1 week left in January, which means there’s only 7 days left to claim your $10 FREE for upgrading to Director level!

Click on “Psst.. Want $10 FREE??” in your NPN backoffice and follow the instructions (if you qualify).

For more information, read this post here.

In order to qualify to receive the $10 bonus:
1. Your subscription payment at the DIRECTOR (or higher) level must be received before the end of January 31st, 2011.
2. You must have an active DIRECTOR (or higher) subscription at the time of our next commission payday.
3. You must have sent the email request as noted above within 48 hours of your upgrade.
4. You must be upgrading from a PRO or PLUS level account during the current month. This promotion does not apply to new NPN accounts or previously upgraded accounts.

Are you going for it?? What’s stopping you..

That’s it for now, have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

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3 thoughts on “REMINDER! Your $10 is waiting..”

  1. Hi Geoff
    Another great incentive for our NPN members. I cannot think why anyone doesn’t really upgrade to Director – there are so many benefits – hosting, better commissions, email blasters, just loads of stuff.

    Now that so many of our members are blogging too, it just makes sense!

    Thank you for your top, top leadership



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