Getting on Page 1 of Google Quickly

This is how you get on page 1 of Google quickly and easily with your blog.

I know, you’ve heard all this blogging stuff before.. but it is really important that you take action and create your own presence on the internet. This is how you make the big bucks, folks. Not quick bucks, but long-term bucks.

In my video I showed you how easy it is to get ranked highly by Google just by creating good quality content. In fact my blog post is ranked #1 for my title keyphrase.  And really, it’s not that hard to create good quality content. You just have to do it.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to be a blogger either. We make that easy for you at NPN.

In fact, all you have to is be a DIRECTOR level member at NPN, own your own domain, and you can have a WordPress blog up and running in about 2 minutes. That’s it. A few clicks away from being a blogger! You’re a few clicks away from making the ‘leap’ from being an mlm follower to being an mlm LEADER. Make it happen.

Remember, our DIRECTOR members make more money than all other membership levels COMBINED.

So, here’s your assignment for this weekend:

  1. Upgrade to Director (and get your $10 cash back!).
  2. Purchase a domain (or use one you already own).
  3. Setup your NPN hosting account in your NPN backoffice.
  4. Install WordPress with our auto-installer.
  5. Go! Start writing..


Learn how to install WordPress on your NPN hosting account

Nobody is going to do it for you.

So what do you think? Do you have a blog? Do you think blogs are important to your online success??

Leave your comments below…

Have a great day!

– Geoff.


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28 thoughts on “Getting on Page 1 of Google Quickly”

  1. Do I think blogs are important? Absolutely!, without a doubt it is one of the best ways to receive quick traffic and as one continues to blog, continual traffic.

    Organic searches (free for you)obviously are a better way to go than paid for searches
    such as adwords. It just cost more for traffic.

    Do you have a static website? it might prove helpful for you to link to that website through a blog.

    You can change your blog everyday through posts. It is rather difficult to change your site everyday with a static site.

    If Traffic is what you are looking for, than by all means get a blog to get the needed traffic that all websites need.

  2. Were you able to rank #1 on google with your blog without
    any backlinks. Just curious because I would say thats really amazing. I never seem to have that luck with my wordpress blog. Usually it takes lots of quality backlinks also to get high rank with desirable keywords.

  3. Thanks for the video Geoff!

    I wish I knew about NPN’s hosting before I set my blog up, but my blog is coming up on its 1 year anniversary already! Time flies for sure.

    My blog has been getting between 20-194 visitors per day and been generating daily leads for me for the last 6 months.

    Is it important? I wouldn’t work online without it!

  4. I agree that director members are making more money than other membership levels.

    Especially being in the global npn director’s lounge team,they offer a full refund if u are not in profit in 28 days.

    • Aryssa,

      Actually I was referring to the top earners in NPN being Directors or above, long before there was a ‘Directors Lounge Team’ out there.

      Thanks for the comments.

      – Geoff.

  5. Hi Geoff! What a great idea and how easy was that? I am not a techy person what so ever. I was able to set up my blog on my own domain within 90 minutes. I wrote my welcome blurb and am getting ready to write my blog on my site. Thank you for instructions that even a non techy person could follow and hopefully this will give me more sign ups to my NPN down line! Shadow

      • Hi Geoff! Just wanted to add an addendum to my first post. My first blog that I wrote with your explicit instructions hit Googles first page in about 22 hours. With it came other things from like Sweeva and twitter I therefore had 7 posts on the front page of google from the blog YOU showed me how to write. I felt almost like a celebrity. I need to write some more to keep it going with other key words! Thanks again! Shadow

  6. Geoff, It is easy said than done.Am trying to figure out how to put my picture on my blog and youtube. Can i buy another domain from NPN and you do the stuff for me and i remain with putting contents that i know how to put?

  7. Hi Geoff,

    Well, it really looks easy to publish a post and hitting 1st in google in less than 2 days,
    but – You forgot to share that your blog has more than 600 incoming links,
    and that is why it easier.
    After SEOing your blog, it’s surely easy to climb the google’s ladder.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    Your videos are inspired


  8. I certainly agree with you Geoff, Blogs are very important to the success of your online business. I have several blogs all in different niche’ markets.
    Content is KING so adding Good Quality content regularly is very very important.
    Another great informative video and post.
    Keep up the good work Geoff.
    And thanks for all you do.

    • Cindy,

      Yes, quality content is what will make your blog successful. It takes a lot of work but it pays off if you strive to provide value to your readers.

      – Geoff.

  9. Уважаемый партнер!
    Как я понял одного желания стать успешным – мало. Для работы в Вашем проекте необходимо знание Английского языка, а с ним у меня проблемы. Если на начальном этапе становления меня в Вашем прекрасном проекте поможете буду очень рад и признательный Вам мой уважаемый спонсор!

  10. Geoff,
    I agree, in fact thats what I now know is the “big secret” of all the top guys – they have a great blog! With lots of followers and high Google ranking it would seem almost impossible not to be successful online. Promoting NPN makes it too easy 😉 Obviously the “newbie” needs some help and guidance, which members of the Global Elite System get from their leader – plus your own unique video instructions. As a member of both NPN (Director) and GES with my own blog I look forward to success not only for myself but my whole downline.
    Thanks for your advice & video, Brian

  11. Hi Geoff
    Blogging is an absolute must if NPN members intend to make a big impact on the internet.
    Our team are encouraged to set up their word press blog. In fact, so important is it to us that I help beginners to set up their blog and we network with each other to help with traffic.

    I fully sustain your view that all members should aim to be A director, have a blog, and use the benefits that the director position brings.

    Great post.
    best wishes


  12. Wow…such a lot on blogging here…great stuff.
    I ensure all of my team have the BLOGGING BUG! Just love it….

    Interestingly Google has changes its algorhythms which has effected lots of pro bloggers….but little old me? Well, I am on the front page of Google more and more! Love it….

    NPN combined with a good wordpress blog is a winner!

    Best wishes to all


  13. Hi Geoff
    Just to emphasise the point you are making…I posted about the proposed NPN launch on my blog this morning…within minutes I was number 1 on google for “global npn new launch”

    Hope that helps your readers to seriously consider NPN hosting and setting up a wordpress blog!


  14. Hi Geoff

    I have created my blog using NPN hosting as a Director level, but I would like to know if I can host a second blog using the same NPN hosting account?

    Thanks very much

  15. I share my name with a maniac – facebook killer Peter Chapman…
    I knocked him off the top of google this week with a simple blogging strategy.
    How did I do that? A simple guest posting strategy.
    Do you want to know what that was…come and visit us at nuclearblogger…we can show you how to get your npn business noticed on the internet

    Best wishes



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