NPNDirectorMachine Update

Hello NPN’ers,

As many of you have noticed by now, your links are available in your backoffice. I put them (quietly) in your backoffice on Friday but word has spread incredibly fast over the weekend. We already have tons of leads being generated, and many new Director members have joined.

Here’s a screenshot of my Gmail this morning…

My Gmail Screenshot - NPNDirectorMachine!
My Gmail Screenshot - NPNDirectorMachine!


What that is showing me is that the NPNDM funnel is working, and it is working well so far. However, as of now the system in it’s “entirety” is incomplete. There is always some ‘tweaking’ to do and a lot of live testing to ensure the best conversion rates across the entire membership.

You will see the training and backoffice content start to appear over the next couple weeks. I have a lot planned in the way of training information to kickstart your GlobalNPN businesses into high gear. And with NPNDirectorMachine in your back pocket, generating your leads (and converting them) will become a lot easier. There is going to be some really, really excellent stuff in there! Including what this whole “5,5,150” thing means ;), and how it relates to earning $1000 per month. The autoresponder followups will be added as we go along as well of course.

To all those members that are at the PRO or PLUS levels: If you want to seriously drive your online business to new heights, you need to be a Director member now. NOW is the time to start investing in the future of your business, and your own future as well. Honestly, if you want the products, the systems, the marketing funnel, the training, and the community, Director is where you want to be on the NPN ladder.

Being an NPN Director instantly adds HUGE value to your own online presence. It automatically positions you as a leader, and just the fact that you have GlobalNPN to offer your prospects at the Director level will make you more attractive to more prospects throughout the online market. Truth be told. To make sure you will have access to our training when it becomes available – upgrade to Director today!

You can NOT get all this for the cost of our Director membership ANYWHERE else on the internet. Period.

Click on “Upgrade me Now!” in your GlobalNPN backoffice for more information.

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Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen



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12 thoughts on “NPNDirectorMachine Update”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    The NPN DirectorMachine is absolutely awesome. I’ve been with you for some years and I know that when you launch something it’s well thought through and always working 100% Top-Notch. Inhouse programming and setting up is No.1. I’m happy to say that I’ve had an average of 1 new Director signup per day since launch. Let’s see if it continues… :)) Have a wonderful day!

  2. As soon as I saw one of the new DM ads I logged in and got my link out there. Now I am getting sign-ups to the capture page and they are returning to visit.

    The new look is great and it is exciting to share the ‘new’ opportunity.


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