NPN Director Machine

Hello NPN’ers,

Well, well, well.. I supposed it’s about time.

I am going to launch on Friday May 20th, 2011!

The launch will be the front end, capture system, followup and marketing funnel so you will be able to start promoting right away. Honestly, it’s going to seriously put your Director promotion into high gear! Focused on building your income to the $1,000 monthly plateau, you won’t be able to stop this one.. but it’s up to YOU to put it out there!

The training for the backoffice is still in the works. There’s a lot of training and setup information that will be in the DM area of the backoffice, and to be honest, I keep changing the format of how it will be all setup. That’s part of the reason for the delay of this launch. However, I have now settled on a format that I think will be the most beneficial for the new Director member, as well as most beneficial in the long term for the current Directors that are promoting.

The training in the backoffice is more of a ‘process’ than just a bunch of information thrown in there for good measure. It’s more interactive and engaging than that. The format of the training modules I have named “Mission Accomplished“… you’ll see when it’s done.

In your backoffice you should see things start to develop over the next couple weeks by way of training and information.

FYI if you want to start getting your promotional material together, your link will look like this:

(where ‘1234’ is your current NPN ID#)

Get ready!!

– Geoff Stephen

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20 thoughts on “NPN Director Machine”

  1. Geoff!

    Can’t wait to kick this into high gear man! Looking forward to it. We know that anything you put out is never halfway done, so we appreciate you taking the time to polish off the new site!

    Good luck and can’t wait to get started!

  2. We are all eagerly awaiting The Director Machine and appreciate the update about it. I can hardly wait to start promoting it!
    Only Geoff could take a great Business and make it even GREATER!

  3. Geoff:
    You take your time as the better you make it the more we benefit. Can’t wait to check out all the hard work you put into the Director Machine. This is going to rock the internet and give new meaning to the word GlobalNPN! Thanks for your commitment to your members! No other company does that!! Cheers!!

    Shadow Rodriguez

  4. I am absolutely PUMPED for this. This is going to be great for those who want to get started on the fast track to make a lot of money online and will be an excellent incentive to upgrade.

    I can’t wait!
    -Gabriel Johansson

  5. Hi Geoff!

    I can’t wait for DM!
    Just a question, am I able to plug in my own autoresponder like you did for the main program or is it only through NPN’s systems?


  6. Hi Geoff,

    as usual I am late here to read this post, as I am currently not getting any notifications… Please add my (this) email address back to your list. It may have bounced, as it was out of order for some while.

    I am very happy, you will launch the DM and looking forward to fully engage. It’s all getting really cool now here at Global NPN.

    I have just finalized a major project, which aims at extending GlobalNPN towards the social networks and the DM just comes in at the right time!

    I have left a brief write up in the forums.

    Thanks for being here for us and wishing you a great and successful week!


  7. I can’t wait for this to get off the ground, Geoff. I am really, really excited. I have pushed this to my team sooo much this last couple of weeks so that they have every opportunity to get a head start.
    It has always made sense to be a Director in NPN …but now there is an even more compelling motive…The Director Machine.

    This will take everyones NPN business to the next level for sure….and I will be recommending it to all of our Global Elite System NPN’ers

    Speak soon


  8. With the internet crammed ful of new program launches and people going from one to the other, it’s just a real pleasure to have you constantly brining new innovations to our home program so it doesn’t grow stale like so many do.
    Thanks Geoff for all the hard work.



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