Global NPN – Month End Update

Hello NPN’ers,

Month end update..

Well, I don’t know about you, but the month of May went WAY too fast. I guess time flies when you’re working 24 hours a day :). June is here.

To be honest, May was a great month for real team building. Many of our members are settling in as business builders, proving value and support for their downlines, and securing long term incomes for themselves. Good work! I see everything that happens in our organization and I certainly notice when people are starting to see the fruits of their labour.

June will be the first full month for NPNDirectorMachine. The backoffice info is being organized and we’ll start getting it in there as soons as a few programming technicalities are worked out.

NPNDirectorMachine is a very powerful system for building your Director teams. Word is spreading very quickly on this one, and it’s beginning to feel like NPN has been re-launched! If you haven’t started promoting it yet, get on it now. There are NEW banners in your backoffice.

Just remember to be a good sponsor for your prospects. Hint: Call Them! The DirectorMachine system is programmed to notify you by email when someone opts in, then again when they return to the sales page, then again when they signup for NPN through the system, then AGAIN when they finally hit the payment page on the inside. If you are not calling your prospects when you get the ‘payment page’ notification, you could be missing out on some serious income. That means they are ON THE PAYMENT PAGE deciding if they’re going to actually start their subscription. If they hear from a real live person (you) at that exact time, it’s usually all they need to push them through the process. At that point it’s FAR from being a “cold call”. Let them know you’re there, that’s all.

Now, there’s something I’d like everyone to look at in their backoffice. In the menu, click on “LEADER BOARDS” and have a look at what’s there. What I’d like you to really notice is not the names of the people that are leading the way, I want you to notice the NPN level that they’re at. Look at all the Top 10’s. Around 80% of the people on those lists are at the DIRECTOR level or higher! I’m not really sure how it could be any clearer to you as to where you should be if you want to run a financially successful GlobalNPN business. I’m not saying the PRO/PLUS members don’t make any money of course, but look at who’s leading the way. It’s really amazing the amount of value you add to your online presence with a low $39.97 “investment” in yourself.  I could go on but I’m not trying to push you into anything. I just want you to notice those leader boards and where most of the money is being earned.

That’s it for now.

Have a good one!

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– Geoff Stephen

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12 thoughts on “Global NPN – Month End Update”

  1. I have to agree Geoff, it is as though the NPN has been relaunched. Kudos to you and your team for putting together the “Director Machine” and the updates that are yet to come. It certainly has invigorated my business.

  2. I’m a Global NPN Director, and I couldn’t agree more. This is where you should be! I’m so excited about the new Director Machine. Already getting leads from it. Thanks Geoff!

  3. Hi there Geoff,
    I have really enjoyed May 2011. I normally build my NPN from my own funnel system – the global elite system – a funded proposal but over the course of the last two weeks I have promoted the new Director Machine link through my list and blog. It is great to see all those messages from NPN saying I have a new prospect and sign up etc…love it…I opted in as a test prospect and the mailings I get are top notch…
    It is all showing me that Global NPN Directors are going to have an amazing 2011! Oh…keep blogging everyone!
    WordPress is king for maintaining an internet presence.

    Best wishes

    Pete Chapman

  4. As a Global NPN Director I’m proud to say that this program is the best I have ever joined. The products are outstanding, always working top-notch, the support and the community is great, and the compensation plan is by far the best you ever can get into.

    A business investment of $39.97 per month as a Director is a very small cost for running a serious business, think about that for a second…

    Global NPN is a business that truly CHANGES people’s lives. I’m very proud to be a member of it, and I know my Team is too.

    All the best
    Ulf Astrom

  5. Global NPN generates a great income for newbies and experienced marketers alike. Attention newbies: The Ladder System works. If you join and sit a Pro Level your Downline will do the same.

    Want to earn like a GURU? Then it’s time to think like one. Upgrade to at least the Director Level, encourage others to join at that level and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    Geoff, the new Boards extra details are great! Thanks for all this info. But, I would like to see the cash amounts included on the Bonus Leader Board. Guess I just got used to that. But please, get some sleep first, lol! 😉

    I also remind everyone that the Leader Boards “Downline Builders” stats may not be 100% accurate, as I personally place paid members under my downline by sending some of my leads to my downline members when they are ready to join/upgrade. The system just can’t track that.

    Remembering the Vote we all took a little while ago, I also look forward to the ability to place Paid Members under my Downline manually, from within our Members area.

    NPN is truly the best online Business available and anyone not focusing on promoting it, is simply missing the Boat.
    Great job Geoff, thanks once again.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for the comments. The “downline builders” list is based solely on the number of active members in their 5×5, so referrals don’t factor in to the equation. ie. it is accurate based on that.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement from every body and the introduction of the leader board is a great way to help the newbies follow the leaders. As the saying goes,” A leaders isn’t someone who shows people the ropes; a leader just points t where the ropes are” Geoff you are a great leader and have the heart for others. Nice to be a new Global NPN member!

  7. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for building this platform to let everyone of us build and share a good income opportunity.

    A very comphrensive system had been built and anyone coming on board Global NPN is advised to upgrade to Director as soon as possible so that to benefit fully from this business.

    The DirectorMachine is something very powerful and everyone should make good use of this new system. This is the only place you can find such a powerful system.

    Geoff, thanks for the great work!

    Bernard Leonardoth Hoa
    Director of NPN,


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