How to get Quality MLM Leads

Hello NPN’ers,

I want to let you in on a little ‘secret method’ I have to making sure that the GlobalNPN referrals I get personally are going to be active and motivated networkers.

I have heard from people all over the online MLM industry that (while they may have no problem generating leads) the leads and referrals that they generate are simply not the ‘right’ people for their business. They get leads, and they convert to paying members, but they don’t produce in their downline and eventually they just drop out. Sound familiar?

I often hear things like, “My referrals never return my emails”, or “My downline isn’t doing anything!”, or “I try to help them but they don’t respond..”, or “I recruited him, never heard from her, and then she just quit without a word!”. I hate hearing stuff like that.

I know it’s frustrating because you’ve just wasted a ton of time (and probably money) recruiting these people and they just don’t work out.

Some people blame the industry for this, and they’re partly correct. It’s true there are millions of people out there that are looking for a “quick buck” and will join anything to give it a shot, even though they have no idea what it takes to succeed in this business. Most of these people need significant “hand-holding” and generally never make any real money. And when I say “hand-holding”, I really mean “time-wasting”. I know that your time as a sponsor is valuable, and trying to get these people going can be a real stress on you and can take you away from supporting your real “active” referrals.

The way most people do their prospecting online is to get as many eyeballs in front of their capture page as possible, which is what you should be doing.. However..

The problem lies in what happens after they’ve generated their leads.

What happens next is some of those leads will upgrade into your GlobalNPN downline in hopes that they’ll make some fast money, without knowing what’s involved. And then the vicious circle begins again with you (as their sponsor) trying to turn these people into network marketers, while they just want to magically get rich without doing anything.

Yes, you make a quick referral commission off these people but you may have figured out that you’re probably going to be back at square one in a month or two after they give up and hop off to the next opportunity they see.

So what the heck do we do about this?

What needs to happen is a qualification process before your leads are introduced to your GlobalNPN links. It’s not a difficult thing to do and it really separates the bad from the good.

There’s nothing wrong with generating as many leads as you can possibly generate, as quickly as you can. The more leads the better. BUT only a few of those leads will be good mlm’ers, and the rest can still be good leads to make money from in other ways. You need to qualify your MLM’ers before you give them GlobalNPN.

Here’s what I do, and it works really well.

First of all I have my own capture page, which offers something for free in turn for their opt-in. This is the top of my marketing funnel.

Now after they opt-in, they get forwarded to the free product they requested, and now they’re in my funnel and I can market to them.

My funnel focuses on generating MLM-specific leads. In other words, my capture page and free product specifically have to do with building an MLM business. That way I know that the people opting in are interested in building their MLM businesses, as opposed to just buying stuff from me.

Inside my funnel I have videos and information on me and what I do, and I also have some other training videos to keep them interested and moving through my funnel.


At some point in my funnel I want to qualify them before I decide to introduce them to my MLM Opportunity (ie. GlobalNPN).

Here’s how I do that..

I give them something to do. I simply give them a task to complete. I basically tell them that before I decide to work with them, I need to know more about them, and I need to know what their goals are – both short term, and long term goals. And I want to know “why” they have those goals, I dig a little deeper than “how much money do you want to make”. ie. they have to justify to me the amount of money they want to make. It can (and should) go beyond the whole money-making aspect as well…

So, before anything goes further, I say “if you want to join me in what I’m doing here, I need you to complete this task”.

Doing this accomplishes a few things..

  1. It engages the prospect.
  2. Here they get to DO something.  People like being told what to do.
  3. It forces the prospect to communicate with me directly.
  4. It creates anticipation in the prospect, they know that I’ll be responding to them directly to either approve or disapprove (ie. they remember me).
  5. It encourages the prospect to be honest and forthcoming with what they want to accomplish.
  6. It shows that I am genuinely interested in knowing more about them, and that I’m not just trying to sell them something.
  7. It ultimately shows whether or not they’re the kind of person I want in my downline.

After doing this, I know that the people that complete my “task”, at the very least, are people that..

  • are willing to communicate
  • probably have some experience
  • can follow instructions
  • take the initiative
  • have specific long-term and short-term goals
  • have good work ethics
  • genuinely WANT to work to succeed.

And remember, if they don’t qualify, they’re still on my list… which means I can still market “other stuff” to them 🙂

Honestly, I believe that if you do the same thing, you will have a lot less difficulty in building your NPN business. You will get quality people in your downlines which will save you TONS of time and money in the long run.

I am currently testing this in NPNDirectorMachine, giving the leads a very quick couple of questions to answer. I am getting lots of responses to it, which is excellent. So.. if you start getting “task results” in your inbox from your NPNDirectorMachine leads, please reply to them RIGHT AWAY – these are the people you want and you need to get in contact with them. I will activate this in the next few days..

For the BASICS on how a marketing funnel works:


Let me know what you think..

– Geoff Stephen


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17 thoughts on “How to get Quality MLM Leads”

  1. Good stuff Geoff!

    What you explain is very similar to what I have been using which works very well. It does a great job of weeding out the tire kickers, time wasters etc. You end up working with the cream of the crop 🙂

    Bottom line – it works!

    • Excellent, Frank. If you don’t weed out the tire-kickers you will find that you are wasting your time.

      Although qualification will get you the best, it will also get you those that really want it and are willing to work for it.

  2. Hi Geoff,

    This is a great way of doing things. Actually this has been on my mind for some time, and you just gave it a push. 😉

    It really is a very logical and simple solution but with very good results. I’ll get on this right away.

    Have a great day!

  3. I found that post really interesting and topical to me at this time.
    Only the other day I was talking to Peter Chapman and we were disscusing this issue.
    I’ve been getting loads of leads lately, but, as I said to Peter, the quality of them leaves a lot to be desired. So thanks Geoff I have definitely taken onboard what you have laid out there.

  4. Hi Geoff,
    You hit the nail right on the head. I was once of those who is looking for quick bucks by shopping around for
    “best program” but ended up getting nowhere. I’ll use your strategy from now onwards & believe it’ll works.


    Francis Tan

  5. Hi Geoff,
    Another great post from you, I love to read your post as I started to learn much from you. I totally agree with what you said.
    Well, this is something I’ll trying this in the next few days I hope. Time to change my strategy.
    Keep up the good work.

    Thank again.

  6. A very wise approached. In the past, many of them replied but at the end of the day, no more respond, despite several emails sent to expect some answers or offer help should there be problem in between. I think it needs some convincing keywords to get the right candidate.

  7. I wrote a Blog post this morning about communication or lack there of.
    People not responding to your e-mails.
    Even welcome letters are not restonded to. enough to drive you crazy.
    Have a great day all

  8. Hi,
    Can you do me a favor and email me more about this maybe some emails that you actually sent out.
    I don’t need all just so i can get an idea of how it’s done properly.

  9. Geoff; This post is a great reminder of exactly how relationship/attraction marketing works! It took me years literally to realize that the way I promoted and marketed NPN, or any other opportunity for that matter, lacked a huge piece of the puzzle. The list is great, and all marketers need one, but of even more importance is the followup when a prospective customer opts in. This is the piece that was missing for so long. Today, I followup with my list optins, even if they don’t respond. It’s so important to convey the fact that I am here to help, and that anyone who signs up is not just a number on my list, but a real person who is probably someone interested in what I have to say to them. The way one follows up is so very important in order to learn about the prospect on a personal level. The money IS in the List, but I believe that even more important is the Followup I provide. We, as Professional Network Marketers, need to let our prospects know that we are there for them and will not just leave them floundering at sea. You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this strategy Geoff. Thanks for all you do. Sharon Sandstrom

    • @Sharon
      Thanks for the comments! The relationship you create (and maintain) is incredibly important in network marketing. You may be surprised with how much more successful you’ll be once you decide to lead instead of follow.

  10. Geoff, as you know I work with Mike Witt…you have attended one of our Webinars a while ago – and incidentally, “Happy Holidays” to you and yours. I “do read” you and am learning. When you have something to give that is for FREE and can consistently promote NPN without doing so, it’s a walk through the door…and then it’s up to the “sponsorship” to follow through and be able to SHOW just how good THIS can be. I have told you before that the marriage of TrafficSecret and NPN has made the difference in my affiliation here. I tried this once on my own, very unsuccessfully and another time with a “Team” system that was just s-o-o-o bad and then I found Mike. Now it works. It’s all about being able to give the honesty of the program….many members strong. That should always be first and foremost. Helping people to make those decisions IS and ALWAYS SHOULD BE a good sponsor’s vocation. Shine the Light…with as many ways as one may show the way.

    I learned from Mike Witt and with TrafficSecret. ALL this is with great value to anyone searching for an answer,,,,and wanting to put in the time to make it happen with your Powerof1 as the Gate to Enter.

    From Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna to above the borders of Beautiful Canada, Geoff, “Thanks” for having me here. As you see, I AM growing and prospering.

    Charles Lentz…..on your boards July and onward because of Mike Witt and his FREE program. You are OUR Champion Program….and there is only one! NPN…..PRO and up the ladder. (or start sassy)

    Hope this is an OK Posting. If not, eh? lol.

    Peace and Love and Happy Holidays (again).



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