What makes up your “wall”?

Hello all..

I have a question for all of you that I’d really like to hear some discussion on.

The reason I’m asking is to ensure that my training will “match” what you feel you need training on.

So my question is..

What do you feel is the defining obstacle (or obstacles) that is holding you back from being more successful in your online business?

Is it lack of technical know-how? Is it fear of putting yourself out there? Is it laziness? Is it lack of confidence in you becoming a leader? Is it lack of planning? Lack of direction?…

I know there is a lot more “stuff” behind the reason of “I don’t know how to..”

So? What makes up the “wall” that we need to get you over/around?

Please be genuine in your responses as I really want to help push you through – we all have something valuable to offer. I will be able to help you out more if I can see a more clear direction of where I should focus my upcoming training.

Thanks, I appreciate your responses.

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Thanks! See you there.

– Geoff Stephen

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