Global NPN Update – New Builder Site Coming..

Hello NPN’ers,


Thank you for all of your responses to my last update regarding the comp plan changes. It’s good to hear we’re doing the right thing 🙂

There is lots going on “behind the scenes” right now as we gear up for the end of the year and start looking towards 2014..

And there is a LOT to look forward to in the next while with GlobalNPN..

Notably our brand new lead generation / recruiting / training site that we’re currently building to work along side the GlobalNPN website.

It’s called

It will be a combination of a sales funnel, a downline builder, and a “fast-start” training site that you’ll be able to use to generate leads and bring in new members quickly and efficiently, and provide them with the training they need to get started. All you’ll have to do is send traffic (which we’ll show you how to do).

Along with our awesome comp plan changes, this will provide you with a solid “system” or process to use to promote your NPN links.

Our plan is to have an INCREDIBLE 2014, which will also be GlobalNPN’s 9th year in business… which is a looong time in internet years.

“Changing lives since 2005..!” Lol.

Thanks for continuing to be a part of it.

That’s it for now, stay tuned..

– Geoff Stephen

P.S. If you’re NOT a member of GlobalNPN, stop screwing around and join us today! It will change your life. Seriously, you deserve better 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Global NPN Update – New Builder Site Coming..”

    • John, I don’t think you understand the “new” comp plan. It includes the old comp plan with the same residual downline incomes payments, matching bonuses payments etc. The only difference is that it is restructuring ONLY the first month of the referral bonus to provide a quick start bonus that is awesome. To get paid $5 or $10 one time for EVERYONE that enters your downline instead of $.50 is awesome. For anyone to even get paid on downline income, they have to have 2 personal referrals, so there won’t be anyone that works the business at all that won’t be getting more money PLUS getting all of the residual income from the old system. What is not to like? The “new system” includes the “old system” plus more one time cash bonuses.

  1. Geoff, you have some very powerful updates coming for GlobalNPN. I’m beginning to see old globalnpn hands resurface.

    If I had the opportunity to make only 1 suggestion, that suggestion would be to update the free report.

    The badly outdated freerport is not something you can ignore, not when almost every existing pre-made capture pages leads directly to the free report. And for anyone who joined GlobalNPN within the last 6 months maybe longer, the freereport no longer has their picture on it.

    There’s even an audio by Val Smyth at the top of every page that talks about GlobalNPN being $10.75 a month. That comp plan has not existed in years.

    I understand why the lead capture pages for the free report can not be taken down. as that would not be fair to those who may have their links out there. But why can’t the free report itself be updated? It makes no sense to me.

    I love the new updates that are coming, I just wished some of the outdated stuff would get updated as well.

  2. Daniel your are absolutely right I don’t understand the ” New Comp Plan.” All I hear is how I’m going to earn more ” Money ” but my ” Check ” is getting smaller. You can’t just keep changing only the same thing, the Comp Plan, the Comp Plan,the Comp Plan. I have designed Comp Plans for
    International MLM Companies, but what do I know;)

    • If you know how to market online successfully, then you would know that the comp plan doesn’t make you money, YOU do.

      Since you have designed comp plans (as I have), you’d know that already. Your marketing makes you money, not the comp plan itself.

      If your check is getting smaller, it’s not because of the comp plan, although that’s an excuse I hear frequently.

      We are creating new funnels and systems to make it easier for you to promote, along with additional training and resources to ensure you get off to a good start..

      But in your previous comment you said you didn’t need any further training, so you’re good to go.

      If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way, let me know.

      – Geoff.

  3. Hi Geoff,

    We are in FULL agreement. It’s not the Comp Plan, it’s the Marketing. Leave the Comp Plan alone and as I first stated. Refresh our ” Lead Capture Pages ” or ” Marketing Pages “. That’s
    all I said.

    MLM is Multi-Level Marketing.


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