The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before You Can Become Ultra-Successful in Online Marketing

Hello all..

I have a question. And some advice for those of you refusing to believe that YOU are the most important part of what makes you successful in this business.

My question: What’s YOUR unique offer?

Do you have one, or are you just one of those “generic affiliate link” marketers?

In order to be very successful in this business you need to determine what it is that you can offer that is of significant value, and is unique. If your prospect is looking at your link or website and is considering joining you – what they’ll be asking themselves first is “why should I join YOU??” So… why should they join you? And don’t tell me it’s because your business opp. is the best. Your prospects don’t care about that yet. They want to know what it is that you’re going to do that can help them… what value can you provide to them as their sponsor. “Blind recruiting” doesn’t work anymore for long term success.

Think of it sort of like a job interview that your prospects are giving you. You are essentially applying for the job of being their sponsor, aren’t you?

Oh, and I’m not talking about what products you can sell them, or what great eBooks you’ve got.. Everybody has that stuff. Everybody has “the best” products, or “the best” opportunity. Who cares.

I’m talking about YOU. What do YOU have?

For some people it’s great leadership abilities. Some can motivate really well. Some people are good at generating traffic and leads. Some do webinars and training videos. Some create good solid content on their blogs. Some can create great ad copy. Some just have good life experiences to share. Some are good hand-holders. Some can do great graphics, or can write code, or make good capture pages. And some are a combination of the above, plus more..

It doesn’t matter if it’s related to business or networking, it can just be a part of your personality that you can project. Everybody has something.

Me? Well let’s see.. I can write programs and create software that can do pretty much anything. I can kill with ad copy and create quality well-written content any day of the week. I can get through to people with how I train them. I am easy going and people seem to relate to me well. I am genuinely concerned with other people’s success, but only as long as they’re respectful of me. I am a big-time perfectionist. I know this crazy business like the back of my hand and my experience weighs heavily in the advice I give to people…

I’m not blowing my own horn here, this is just stuff that I thought of now as I’m writing this, but I do know what I’m good at and I’m still learning..


What’s YOUR unique offer? What do you bring to the table?

To be ultra successful, you have to FIND it. Find it, and focus on it. Smear it and your personality over everything you create online. Put it in your marketing, put it in how you write your blogs and make your videos, make it part of your writing style, make it a giant part of your online presence. Once you can do that, you will begin to attract the “right” people for your business. And when you start attracting the right people to your business, you will see what success is.

So.. have you found it yet?

Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen

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