The eCertificate Profit Plan

Hello¬† NPN’ers,

First thing’s first. Letting you know that you can now purchase NPN eCertificates with your credit card. The process is essentially the same, click on eCertificates in your backoffice and follow the links to purchase..

Now.. speaking of eCertificates.. There are currently LOTS of NPN members that are using eCertificates to successfully build their businesses every month. VERY successfully.

I’d like to explain how this can work for you and how it can add up to BIG PROFITS quickly!

Watch this video:

[toggle title=”Text Version” style=”fancy”]I want to explain an easy system using our NPN eCertificates that will enable you to advertise a virtually guaranteed profit situation in GlobalNPN.

This is a plan that you can do that will work as a system for you to build your NPN organization and your downlines as well.

I’m going to do this example at the Director level since that’s the most profitable, most everything for your money, membership level. And it’s where most serious marketers start out in NPN. This plan will work at any level, but at Director you’ll see the most financial impact.

So the idea is this…

This is how it starts, at it’s most simplest..

You come in to NPN at $39.97, the director level.

Then what you do, before you start marketing NPN, is purchase 2 Director Level eCertificates.

Now what you’re going to do is promote your NPN business based on the fact that you can give people their first month in NPN for free. That’s what eCertificates enable you to do, and it’s a very attractive offer, especially at the director level where you get access to all of the products in your backoffice.

But you have to market your NPN eCertificates with a very strict condition attached to it.

So, you’ve got 2 eCertificates, which cost you just under $80 one-time. Honestly, not a big investment to get yourself in profit every month going forward at that level.

Now, here’s your sales pitch, here’s the condition that you put on your prospects before you provide them with an eCertificate to join for free with.

You need to ensure that they commit to purchasing 2 Director level eCertificates themselves in order to be included in your organization and in order to get their first month paid for under you.

It’s kind of like “I’ll pay your way in, if you commit to paying 2 more people in yourself”. It’s very fair and it can work on a massive level because it’s a system that is easy to implement.

Now how you ensure you get that commitment from your prospects is up to you of course, but.. I’m going to show you sort of a sneaky way around the issue so that the problem of not knowing whether they’ll follow through with the whole thing is no longer there.

Then I’ll show you how you can virtually guarantee a monthly profit in doing this starting in your 2nd month.

So when you go through the process yourself in buying eCertificates from your backoffice, you’ll notice that it will take you to a secure payment page, where you can choose the level of your eCertificates and the number of eCertificates you want to buy.

You’ll also notice that your NPN ID# is coded into this page at the top.. You might also notice that this page is not dependent on you being logged in to your backoffice, which means anyone can purchase through this page, just like any other external payment page on any other website.

So, knowing that, here’s what you can do with your pay it forward system that will guarantee that your prospects will fulfill their commitment of buying their own eCertificates and paying it forward down the line just like you’re doing..

So What you do is explain how the system works to them and make sure they know what they’re getting into with NPN and the products etc.. Then after you’ve explained that they need to commit to buying 2 eCertificates of their own to ensure continuity of the system, you tell them that the way this works is this:

Before you’ll give them the eCertificate that will get them in for free, they need to purchase their 2 eCertificates first! Before they join.

And you send them to your eCertifcate payment page with instructions on how to purchase the right level, the right quantity etc.. So they’re buying their own eCertificates before they even join NPN under you.

Now I know you’re thinking “but that’s my payment page, they’re actually buying eCertificates for ME”, right? Yes that is absolutely true, but this is how it works..
Step 1. They buy 2 eCertificates through your page, for you.
Step 2. After you’ve confirmed this through your backoffice, and the email confirmation you’ll receive, you will give them the eCertificate that you originally promised them so they could join under you.
Step 3. After they’ve joined NPN under you, you re-assign the 2 eCertificates that they bought you, back to them through your backoffice.

And now you have a new referral that has purchased their 2 pay it forward eCertificates. They’re already committed to it.

I know that sounds complicated, but doing it this way ensures that you’re getting quality referrals that are willing to invest in their business. And if you’ve explained yourself correctly, they’ll see how they can continue this system through their referrals as well.. and that makes it 100% duplicatable.

Now you can do this at any level, if you think you’d have better success at the PRO level, do that.. But here’s how the money works, which you can put into your marketing..

You buy 2 Director eCertificates. Once you have given them away and your prospects have joined under you, your income would be $50 in referral bonuses, $1 in downline commissions, and $10 in the one-time upgrade bonus that you earn on upgraded members in the first month. So if you do this in one month, your earnings would be $61.00 for that month, then $51 every month after that. That’s at the director level.

And because you have this system in place, and your referrals have already committed to giving away 2 eCertificates that they’ve already bought, you now have a system that will duplicate throughout your organization because it’s all pre-qualification. And those referrals will stick around and continue to make you money month after month.

So as a marketing pitch you could say that after the initial investment, you can be in profit before the end of your first month by giving away something for free, and your first month is FREE, remember. That’s a very powerful sales pitch right there, at any level.

So if you’re willing to take the reigns and start building a great income, this might be the easiest way to do it. It would just take a simple website or capture page explaining how your system works, and your willingness to communicate, and really anyone can do this. There are people right now that are building this thing to the moon through eCertificates.

Comments are welcome below… What do you think? Would this work for you?

Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen