Internet Marketing is Not an Assembly Line Job

This is kind of a rant, but more like a dose of reality.

On an almost daily basis, I encounter people that are so confident in how they’re marketing, they refuse to even consider learning anything new or different..

EVEN THOUGH they aren’t making any money doing what they’re doing.

Most of these people are, unfortunately, just re-enforcing the fact that there’s SO much bad training out there.. they’re probably just parroting what they’ve been told by other unsuccessful people.

So here’s what they’ve been told to do to make money online…

  1. Buy leads, import them into an email blaster. Send emails to them and then get paid.
  2. Buy traffic (the cheaper the better). Send that traffic to your company affiliate link and then get paid.
  3. Do nothing and hope someone else will do everything for you… oh, and then get paid.

… that’s how you do it, right?

No. Not right.

This is wrong, unless you’re still living in the ’90’s.

Internet marketing is not an assembly line job. It’s a business.

What you need to be doing here is building a sales funnel that is branded to you (not your company). The desired ongoing result is to get you started in building your own list, based on who you are and how you can help people get what they want. To build a targeted audience that you’ll be able to more successfully promote your opportunity to.

Here’s how it works.

You build a squeeze page (or hire someone to build it for you), which entices people to opt in to your list in order to learn what it is you’re going to teach them, or information you’re going to provide to them.

Once they opt in they get access to your training/info, which builds authority in you, and trust in them (this is called your ‘lead magnet’).

Your email followups will re-enforce that trust and, through that trust, you’ll be able to successfully recommend products / opportunities to them on an ongoing basis.

Your list is your biggest asset as it will always follow you around as long as you control it. So.. if for some reason you change companies or sell different products, you will still have your list that you can build off of, as opposed to starting from scratch each time (which is what most people do).

Make sense?

You need to have a process where you can welcome new people in through the front door, so to speak.

You help them get what they want, they learn to trust your opinions and recommendations, and because they trust you, your simple recommendations will turn into money for you no matter what it is you’re promoting.

That. Is. How. You. Do. It.

If you don’t believe me, I don’t really care, not my problem, and you can keep doing things the hard way.

However if you’re willing to invest in your business and get on the right track the FIRST time, and jump WAY ahead of 90% of everyone in your industry..

Let me know when we can chat and we can get you started..

It’s time to decide to start doing things right.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

– Geoff Stephen

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