Solo Ad Test Results

Hey NPN’ers,

I frequently run advertising tests to our GlobalNPN funnels to see what kind of results we get with the most simple ad methods available.

So I ran a solo ad recently where I bought an ad that sent traffic through our NPN Ad Tracker (to track clicks and location of clicks), and then directly to our sales funnel squeeze page.

I thought this would be of value to you since you could EASILY run a similar ad to a similar list, and get similar results… or even better.


My latest solo ad test results…

  • Purchased 250 top tier clicks + some over delivery

Through my NPN tracker directly to here:

  • 113 Opt ins
  • 32 free signups to Global NPN
  • 4 GOLD upgrades (paid trials = $100.00 “each” recurring monthly for me after trial period)

Statistically speaking..

  • 40-50% optin from the solo (on tier 1 clicks)
  • 30% optin to free signup
  • 13% from free signup to paid trial (wow!)


Here’s my MMPro results after searching my list for these leads:


When it comes down to it, doing about 10-15 minutes of “work”, I got 4 Gold signups.

And this is fairly typical for running ads like these. TOO easy 😉

TIP: Don’t over-complicate things! Our funnel works!

These are really good “direct to funnel stats”… And that’s without any followups, OTO’s, or personally branded promotional yet.

Look again at this.

This is from running 1 single solo ad – straight to our funnel squeeze page! I did nothing more than that (no “special” tricks or branding).

Listen, if you’re not in GlobalNPN, THIS is what you are missing out on. There is no excuse.

Now I just need our call center to close those golds!

Let me know if this is helpful information, if it is I will continue to post my results..

..comment below and “like”.


– Geoff Stephen


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9 thoughts on “Solo Ad Test Results”

  1. Hey Geoff, could you please share what kind of solo ads you are using? I mean, if you could post the name of one or two advertising sites that offer those kind of solos where you get very good results that would be great. I would like to know what kind of solo ads they are.

  2. I know it is not about safelists or anything like that. I don´t know where/how to find individual solo ad vendors, that´s the point.

    Thanks anyway. 🙂


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