GlobalNPN’s TomorrowList is Available

Hello NPN’ers,

I have put a brand new application product in your NPN backoffice that will make it a whole lot easier to organize your time and your business tasks.

The “TomorrowList” is adding huge value to your NPN membership. It is an application that is available to you whether you’re logged in to your NPN backoffice or not. You can even access it on your smart phone!

Check out the videos below, or for the higher quality videos, login to your backoffice, go to your TomorrowList, and click on “Help!”.


Examples and usage:

It can be found in your backoffice under the “products” heading in the menu.

Let me know what you think…

– Geoff Stephen

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14 thoughts on “GlobalNPN’s TomorrowList is Available”

  1. Geoff, I can see why you were bursting at the seams the other day to get this app out to us. This is incredible.

    Thank you very much.
    Joe John

  2. Wow! What a cool product! This was something I longed for. In fact, few days back I did a research and found the free prodcuteev task manager and had just finished setting up the producteev for managing my To Do’s. Now after watching your video on TomorrowList, I have decided to abandon producteev and go for TomorrowList because it’s simple to use and gives me all the necessary things that I need for managing my To Do list.
    Can we expect an online contact manager too?

    • Great, glad you like it! I supposed it all depends on what you need with your to-do management.

      There are lots of great products out there already that have tons of great features. I’ve used many of them myself but I rarely use the ‘advanced’ features that they offer.

      The TomorrowList is meant to be simple enough to use and learn quickly, yet just advanced enough to offer a few more features that may be helpful for those that need it.

      I made it to be more like an advanced way of simply writing your to-do’s on a piece of paper, which is all most people really need.

      It’s what I use myself and I have tons of tasks and projects to juggle – works for me! I also use my iPhone extensively for keeping in contact, and I have my TomorrowList open on my phone all the time.

      – Geoff.


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