GlobalNPN Instant Blog is Ready for You

Hello all,

As of early this morning, our brand new “NPN Instant Blog” system is up and running!

That’s right, with a click of your mouse you can have a completely branded blog instantly created for you from your GlobalNPN backoffice.

… all you have to do is click the ‘setup’ button, log in, and start blogging.

This is by far the easiest blog setup you’ll ever experience, it’s all done for you.

In your NPN backoffice, under “Products and Tools” in the top menu, click on “NPN Instant Blog”… (it’s available to ALL our members)

To setup your blog, just click on the big red button, then login. There will be instructions and videos in your Instant Blog Dashboard soon for you to follow.

Your blog is completely branded to you, your NPN profile, and your GlobalNPN links and capture pages.

You literally can just blog and share..

Imagine how much VALUE this system is adding to your NPN business, and it will continue to add value as you use your blog to promote yourself, your knowledge, and your business!

That’s it! Have fun!

– Geoff Stephen

P.S. Yes, there will probably be minor bugs that I’ll need to work out (as with any new product), but feel free to let me know if you see anything not working right).

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16 thoughts on “GlobalNPN Instant Blog is Ready for You”

  1. Hi Geoff… I am just loving the new NPN instant blog – already it is providing me with new prospects……. and I can see NPN growing exponentially as our new NPN bloggers get the message and have fun with posting their ideas, wisdom etc and sharing it with their lists and social network friends and followers…..

    FREE Traffic is just cool, don’t you think?

    Health and prosperity to you Geoff and all you NPN’ers.


  2. This Ole Dawg just learned another new trick….lol. I just got done setting up my blog (which was super easy and f-a-s-t) and I posted the link. Within 5 minutes of posting I received an “Admin” notice that I had a new NPN prospect from the Blog Sidebar fill-in-the-blank” Ad. WOW – talk about FAST….way better than half fast! lol.

    Thanks Geoff!

  3. Hi Geoff,
    Your new instant blog is just ace!! I love it!
    I have shared a couple of posts with my list and already I have had some new prospects…

    This will expand our NPN business, without doubt!

    Thanks for your hard work….


  4. The New NPN Gold tools…..

    Hi Geoff.
    Can you let us know when the new NPN Gold video tools will be available please. Can we start 2013 with a bang?

    It would be wonderful if they were available for a new year promotion for us all.

    Thanks mate



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