Global NPN Webinar Update

Hello all..

In case you missed last night’s webinar, below is the recording for your convenience.

(Note that the last 15 minutes have been cut off, which was the question & answer, and general discussion period. Sorry, you have to attend to benefit from that.)

There is a TON of new features being added to your membership which will easily increase the value of being an NPN member over and above ANY other product suite/opportunity out there. 

The timing is right and becoming a member NOW will get you in on the “ground floor” for the most profitable time of the entire marketing year! So if you’re not an active member, upgrade TODAY!

Feel free to share this information with your team members and your downlines.

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15 thoughts on “Global NPN Webinar Update”

  1. Thanks for this Geoff…. I am really looking forward to the changes taking effect. This will really, really help people to get off to a great start online…. and the product list is first class!

    Video emailing and capture pages costs upto $60 a month elsewhere so to get this for less than $15 a month is incredible value!

    Brilliant Geoff….. can’t wait to see the GOLD MEMBER benefits… because it is Director and Gold where all the money is going to be made with NPN.

    Success to all!


  2. It’s really awesome Geoff with so much great stuff added yet the NPN pro only need to pay a pittance of $4 more only.

    I would say that all the new stuff are fantastic but I like the Instant Blog most. It’s because a lot of NPN”er who do not have their own blog now will benefit greatly from the branding they get with this Instant Blog.

    Well done Geoff & Thanks

  3. When other owners just sit back and let the money roll in, Geoff is always looking for or just adds new products to our GlobalNPN business. Thank you Geoff for being a business owner who truly loves helping his customers. I am looking forward to working with you as my own business takes off.

  4. Geoff, Thanks for your exceptional attitude about “Our” business, it’s Greatly appreciated. I along with many others are looking forward to the new face lift. Thanks, Man!!!

  5. It’s great that these updates are taking place, question is… When?

    The site still says $10.75 for PRO yet, the subscription payment page only has a $14.75 option for PRO to make a payment.

    I have some referrals that haven’t paid because this looks like a discrepancy to a new memberwho doesn’t know what is going on. Still says “click here to subscribe at $10.75” then page takes you to a $14.75 page with no further info anywhere.

    At least explain the upcoming changes on that page or elsewhere in the backoffice area.

    Any word on when all these updates will be implemented?



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