Global NPN Can Help You Lose Weight

How GlobalNPN can help you lose weight!

lose weight

Seriously, Geoff? GlobalNPN can help you lose weight?

Yes… read on..

Let’s get started..

Many people have difficulty in defining what the “best” selling point of GlobalNPN is.

What we have is a set of marketing tools. Excellent tools that can help you get better results in your online marketing.

Most of us know and realize that about our systems.

We have email tools, tracking tools, time management tools, video and audio marketing tools, screen capture tools, blog systems, web hosting, and the list goes on..

But there’s only so many ways to say “get this awesome set of tools”.

Sure that’ll work for some people but it’s not really a very pursuasive way to market our tools.

What you need to do is dig a little deeper.

Dig deep into the “benefits” of having access to GlobalNPN’s systems.

Think about it.. what are the benefits?

I’m not talking about the features. Features don’t sell, benefits DO. Benefits are what the features provide.

So.. what are the benefits of GlobalNPN?

There are literally hundreds of benefits that you can tap into when marketing our product.

Let’s think about that..

Maybe think about it this way:

What do I GET out of being a GlobalNPN member?


  • I save thousands of dollars per year on autoresponder systems, hosting, tracking, etc.. (more money in your pocket)
  • I can earn thousands of dollars per year re-selling the GlobalNPN systems (more money in your pocket)
  • I spend less time with less tools, because GlobalNPN is “all under one roof” (more time freedom)
  • I save money.. so I can spend that money on improving my lifestyle (higher quality of life)
  • I earn money.. so I can spend more money on improving my lifestyle (higher quality of life)
  • Because I save money and earn money, I can spend more time doing what I want to do (time freedom / lifestyle / quality of life)
  • I have more money, and I have more time. I can eat better, go to the gym and focus on improving my health
  • I can lose weight, feel better about myself, and be healthier. 

==> There you go. GlobalNPN can help you lose weight! 🙂

Sure it’s a bit of a stretch.

But think about it from a marketing point of view.

If you focus on the benefits, stemming from the save money / make money / convenience perspective, you have unlimited benefits to pull from.

It’s all how you frame it.

Remember: Benefits.. not features. Nobody buys features unless they know what the benefits are.

Be creative and dig a little deeper into how you market your Global NPN products.

It’s hardly ever about the money – it’s about what that money can provide.

That’s it for now

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– Geoff Stephen


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4 thoughts on “Global NPN Can Help You Lose Weight”

  1. Geoff your right on the money. When we have more money we tend to spend more on our health. Great point of view for marketing NPN!


  2. Thanks for the great lesson Geoff. There are many benefits to being a member in Global NPN.Losing weight may be a bit of a stretch but it’s catchy.


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