Changing Commission Payment Methods

Hey NPN’ers,

I have an announcement regarding commission payouts going forward.

Out of the blue, Payoneer has decided to end their contract with us for paying commissions.

Their reason?

They don’t do business with MLM companies anymore.

I know.. GlobalNPN is NOT MLM. That’s what I tried to explain to them.

We used to follow that model years ago, but we are not currently MLM.

Regardless, they stopped answering my emails and are apparently done with us. Their loss.

So.. not a huge deal, we’ll call it a minor temporary inconvenience.

I’m currently working with another solid company today in order to get another option available to us asap.

This ewallet company will allow you to withdraw funds to your bank account, to your debit cards (possibly even your Payoneer cards), paypal, through other methods, or by good ol’ paper check. Yes, worldwide.

Basically, it will be much better than Payoneer anyway.

So, thanks for your patience on this, trust that I am working double time to get this set up for you all. Don’t worry, you’ll all get paid.

NOTE: There’s still Payza and possibly Paypal (although I’d prefer not to use them).

No need to worry but I have to let you know.

Thanks, I will keep you all updated on this.

Your comments are welcome below..

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.

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2 thoughts on “Changing Commission Payment Methods”

  1. Hi, Geoff.
    I have a startup NWM business and I am busy developing a .com site for my international audience. I was going to use Payoneer as my payment gateway, because I have their card.
    However, after one of my members sent me the link to your blog, obviously I have to do a rethink.
    To save me thousands of hours looking for an alternative (I have been searching for a year for a decent PG), please would you share your new payment processor with me.
    I’d really appreciate it.



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