6 Blog Headline Examples That Actually Work

How to create compelling headlines for your blog

Hi guys,

Most of us know that your blog headline is the most important factor in getting people to read your blog post.  It is ‘statistically’ important. When you write a blog post, generally speaking, only 2 out of 10 will actually get past

your headline and read the rest of your post. That is how important your headline is. Yet it amazes me how many people disregard this and don’t put any real thought into creating a compelling headline.

This is true in any kind of headline… blog posts, article titles, facebook posts, twitter updates.. the headline is where it’s at.


So without further discussion, here are 6 examples of different types of headlines that you can use to draw your reader deeper into what your message is..

1. The “Get What You Want” Headline

Example: “The Secret To Getting More Leads Online..!”

2. The “Crystal Ball” Headline

Example: “11 Predictions on the Future of Social Media Marketing..”

3. The “Problems and Fears” Headline

Example “Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt Once and For All”

4. The “Fact, Fiction, Truth and Lies” Headline

Example: “Little Known Ways To Generate Targeted Leads Using Facebook!”

5. The “How To” Headline

Example: “How To Quickly Increase Your Online Income..”

6. The “Best or Worst” Headline

Example: “The 10 Worst Blogging Mistakes that Will Kill Your Blog”

Take those examples, play with them, make them fit your content. Use them as a guide to making your headlines better than just ‘average’. Go for it..

Make sure you take the time to create a compelling headline, for whatever piece of content you’re creating.  It will pay off for you. Tests have shown that a good headline will increase your conversion rate by up to 72% or more in getting people to read your content… and I would say THAT makes it worth the extra time you need to come up with something great.

What sort of headline works for you? If you have any additional examples, please comment below…!


– Geoff Stephen


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  1. Two thumbs up Geoff!!! You hit the nail right on the head, or should I say: drew more people in with “6-Proven Ways To Increase Traffic With Your Blog Headline !”

    Again, great short and to the point information that’s worth it’s weight in Gold!


    – Frank


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