Vote for Geoff for NES4

Hi! This is my “vote for Geoff” page 🙂

If I have ever helped you out in the past with your online business, or if you have joined any of my programs, or if you just want to see the “underdog” beat out the rockstars of the industry, please vote for me. I would REALLY appreciate it. We WON the vote last year… and this year I need to destroy them again! 😉

All you have to do is follow “Step 1.” and “Step 2.” below… and step 3 if you like..


Step 1. Click this Facebook button, then click “Share link” (in the new window).



Step 2. Click this Twitter button, then click “Tweet” (in the new window).



Step 3 (optional). Go to this page (click here) and scroll to the bottom. Leave a facebook comment saying that you voted for Geoff and look forward to seeing him on stage (or something like that).


Watch the video for instructions:


Be sure and let me know if you voted for me!



– Geoff


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