Global NPN Ad-Tracker – New Features!

Hello NPN’ers,

We ALL know how important it is to TRACK our advertising, right???

Well.. I have updated the NPN Multi-Ad Tracker in your backoffice to make it a LOT easier to organize all your links that you are tracking.

If you go to your backoffice and to the Ad Tracker, you’ll notice that there is a new option called “Tracking Groups”.

A “Tracking Group” allows you to group your tracking URL’s together, categorizing them however you want to. This should make it a lot easier to find your way around your tracked links (especially if you have a lot of them).

For example..

Let’s assume I run an ad in the same safelist every week (“Joe’s Safelist”), and want to keep track of my hits for each ad that I run. I would create a new Tracking Group and call it “Joe’s Safelist Ads”. Then when I create a new ad that I’ll be tracking, I would of course create the Ad Tracker itself for my new ad, then I would put that tracker into the “Joe’s Safelist Ads” Tracking Group. Each week I would do this every time I ran an ad. The new Tracking Groups feature would allow me to view/edit and compare my ads based on the group they’re in.

This has nothing to do with how your ad trackers are viewed or how stats are collected etc.  It just makes things easier for you.

I haven’t had time yet to make any tutorial videos yet on this but I will as soon as I can.

Oh, also.. the linking structure has changed slightly for the Ad Tracker to make it more SEO friendly. Don’t worry, all your current links will still work, just grab the new URL when you create a new tracker.

That’s it for now!


– Geoff Stephen