GlobalNPN Hosting is LIVE

After a short ‘testing’ period, NPN hosting is now officially live.

As most of you probably know (but some of you might not), all NPN DIRECTOR level members or higher receive an NPN Power Hosting account free with their NPN membership. This is a ‘full featured’ multi-domain hosting account where you can setup your own salespages, websites, blogs, message boards etc.. all within the GlobalNPN system!

Successful marketers know that if you’re not hosting your own ‘stuff’, you’re not doing it right. You can have all the marketing tools in the world (which we provide anyways 😉 , but in order to complete the package, you need to have your own domain with your own hosting. With our hosting services, EVERYTHING you need to be a successful online marketer is now included in your NPN membership. No need to go anywhere else, it’s all here.

My Recommendation: UPGRADE TO DIRECTOR TODAY.. and get your hosting all setup. This is a long-term business opportunity, and having your own domains and websites ensures that your prospects see you as someone they can trust, far into the future (otherwise, they may think you’re “just another affiliate..”) – Take the Lead!

In your NPN backoffice menu, there is a heading called “NPN Hosting”. All the information is there, please review it. Click on “Hosting FAQ” and watch the video to see how easy and quick it is to set up your hosting account.

Feel free to leave comments below with your thoughts on this great new service!

Thanks, have a great day!
– Geoff