Global NPN Debit Cards Are Coming

Hello NPN’ers,

Quick update on the processing front..

We will be rolling out our GlobalNPN debit cards in a couple weeks, depending on how long the process takes at this point. The whole process is set in motion, the rest is up to the approvals on the “other end” of things.

What does this mean? This means you will be able to get your own GlobalNPN MasterCard that we can load your commissions onto every month, giving you instant access to your funds! You can also load your own funds onto your cards as well. This is the fastest, and easiest way to get paid! Plus, it will add a huge amount of credibility to your business when you can show your prospects your “GlobalNPN” branded debit card..

Stay tuned I will keep everyone updated on this.

On another note..

Alertpay appears to be getting their own credit card processing back up and moving. Alertpay will still be an option for paying and receiving commissions for NPN in addition to the new debit cards.

Please read the latest from their blog:

That’s it for now folks, talk to you soon..

.. and Happy Halloween!

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.