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Geoff’s “3 Circle Marketing Mastery eCourse”

Geoff’s “3Circle Marketing Master” Course will essentially take you through the entire Sales Funnel creation process from start to finish in eBook format. It will teach you how to build your first “3-Page Profit Funnel”, how to turn your traffic into leads, how to qualify your leads, how and when to upsell your leads, and how to make backend sales from your leads for years to come. This is the foundation of every online business and every business that has any kind of online presence. If you are doing any kind of business online, you need this information.

What your course includes:

  • The 3-Page Profit Funnel (32 Pages)

  • Content Marketing (33 Pages)

  • High-Profit Sales Funnels (42 Pages)

  • Upsell Profits (43 pages)

  • Backend Sales Domination (29 Pages)

  • Prospecting Funnels (22 Pages)

  • Blogger’s Business Blueprint (38 Pages)

  • Info Product Idea Storm (39 Pages)

  • Backend Sales “Checklist” (3 Pages)

  • Upselling “Action Plans” (20 Pages)


  • Geoff also offers incredibly valuable live training to take you through the whole process (see below for options)…

Your Cost:

Option 1: ECourse Only – $97.00

Option 2: Ecourse + 4 Hour Training with Geoff (webinar format) – $497.00

Option 3: Ecourse + 4 Hour Training with Geoff + Private 1-on-1 Sales Funnel consult and creation with Geoff – $1497.00

Please contact Geoff directly for payment information and with any questions you might have.

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