Would YOU click on the button..??

Hey all..

I’m doing some split testing and I would appreciate some feedback if you’ve got 2 minutes..

This is a video I created a couple days ago that will (potentially) be at the top of one of our funnels for GlobalNPN (available to you as an affiliate).

Based on how you promote, and who you promote to, would this video be of value to you as an affiliate?

Obviously the rest of the funnel is not quite done yet..

I guess my question is:
At the end of the video, would YOU click on the button..??

Either way is fine because it’s targeted at a specific demographic, and if it’s not you then you wouldn’t click.

So watch the video below and either let me know in the comments on this page.

I’ve already received positive feedback (and I know exactly who’s eyeballs to put it in front of and I know it’s going to work for what I want it to do), so any feedback regarding this video is appreciated.

So… would you click?

Thanks, have a great day!

And “LIKE” it if you like it 🙂

– Geoff Stephen

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  1. In the video why are you saying this is not MLM, this is not network marketing etc., when clearly it is all of those things, is that not misleading?


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