June 2013 GlobalNPN Affiliate Contest

Okay NPN’ers, are you ready to earn some extra $$$ ?

I thought so!

Here’s the deal..

We are having an AFFILIATE CONTEST starting on June 16th and running until June 30th.

Here’s how it will work:

  • We are giving away CA$H rewards for the top 5 affiliates that generate the most “new” revenue between June 16 and June 30 (2013).
  • ALL members (at any level) are invited to take part.
  • “NEW REVENUE” is the total dollar amount of new members that join and subscribe (paid) to GlobalNPN between June 16 and June 30.
  • To qualify you must sponsor at least 3 new members during the contest.

[note]For example, if one member (Member “A”) sponsored 3 new DIRECTOR members within those dates, their total revenue is $55.97 X 3 = $167.91

And if another member (Member “B”) sponsored 3 new PRO members during the contest, their total revenue would be $25.97 X 3 = $77.91

In that case, Member “A” would be ahead of Member “B” in the contest.[/note]

How much, you ask..??

As of right now there is $500.00 in the pool to be split between the top 5.

  • 1st place: $250.00
  • 2nd place: $100.00
  • 3rd place: $75.00
  • 4th place: $50.00
  • 5th place: $25.00

PLUS you will have instant rock star status 🙂 (at least in my book)


Depending on how things go during the 1st week I will MOST LIKELY at least double the rewards if a certain quota is reached (maybe triple..!). I have run contests before and I tend to up the ante when things start rolling along..


Get your teams together, get with your sponsor, contact your downlines, queue up your ads, get ready!

After payday, its time to rock!

PLEASE LIKE this page and let me know in the comments below if you are all in!

.. and if you are an “active paid” member, join our facebook group here:


– Geoff Stephen

P.S. Updates on this (and leaderboards) will be in your NPN backoffice after we start..

Comment below..

3 thoughts on “June 2013 GlobalNPN Affiliate Contest”

  1. It will be interesting to watch the leader board, as I know there are some sleeping giants that are members of GlobalNPN. But as Geoff pointed out, it’s new revenue, not just signups. Good luck to everyone.


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