Is this just another one of those schemes where the people at the top make all the money

Hello all,

Here’s an email I got the other day, word for word:

“Is this just another one of those schemes where the people at the top make all the money and the rest of us make nothing??”

I actually get that question quite frequently and it kinda bothers me that these people don’t research the issue themselves, instead of sending an email to the owner of the company and basically asking if they’re running some sort of pyramid “scheme”. It’s sort of funny if you think about it that way.

I mean how am I supposed to reply?.. “Yes you’re correct, Joe, you won’t make anything if you join my scheme.. but thanks for asking. Click here to join!”

I suppose I could just delete the message, but I’ll answer it anyways based on the business I’m involved in..

First let’s look at one part of this question:
Do the people at the top make all the money in this business?

The simple answer to this is: probably, but not necessarily.

The people at the top are at the top for one reason. They deserve it. They’ve obviously earned the opportunity to be at the top, and the company would only have these people at the top if it was beneficial to the growth of the organization. No new company or any company would want someone at the top of the organization if the company couldn’t benefit in a big way from their skills or experience.

Now the question again:
Is this just another one of those schemes where the people at the top make all the money and the rest of us make nothing??

Well the great thing about network marketing is that it is designed specifically to give everyone the same opportunity to build an income. The fact is, your success is 100% dependant on your efforts and your abilities. In companies where you are an employee, your salary is capped at whatever salary you are earning, which means your income is limited. In network marketing there is no limit to how much you can earn, and anyone can do it and everyone has the same opportunity. A network marketing company won’t pay you more just because you’re a doctor or a lawyer. The company won’t pay you more if you have a college degree, or a PHD, or any kind of education that may otherwise put you at an advantage. The company won’t pay you more based on your work experience.

Again, network marketing success is based on your efforts 100%. No favoritism, no office politics, no corporate b.s. If you want it you can have it, and nothing is stopping you from succeeding (except for you of course).

Do the people at the top make more money? Yeah probably, because they’ve earned it. Look at any corporation or company, does the CEO make more than the managers, supervisors, and workers? Of course they do.

But in network marketing, the people at the bottom have the same opportunity as everyone else. I’ve been in mlm companies where I was near the top and I had some people 10, 15 levels below me that were making more than me. That’s the great thing about this industry.

Back to the question again:
Is this just another one of those schemes where the people at the top make all the money and the rest of us make nothing??

Well put it this way, if you do nothing, then of course you’ll make nothing.

Perhaps ask yourself this question: If you were your boss, and based on your desire, work ethic, and effort, how much are you worth to the company? In other words, How much do you want to pay yourself? That part is up to you.

Have a great day,
– Geoff.

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  1. I recd this…. Now read it and tell me what makes sense to it.. And where he would even get the idea of anything he said…

    Hello Karena,
    Thanks for the mail. I have some question first of all why are you offurring me, you don’t even know me and why don’t you offer your own friends and family. That make me surpriseand I feel you are not doing your business good. You are offering something not good to the stranger.
    Sorry about that and good luck. I am not stupid.

    That was what he said and I dont know why his spelling and wording was not even understandable…

    So what exactly are these people getting wrong information at? I would like to know what proof is there that this company isnt even good? Show me proof… I certainly have proof of my receiving the money from my commissions…


  2. Great Answer Geoff!
    I am so amazed at how ignorant people can be about the term
    “Pyramid”. Everybody who has a Job is caught in the pyramid with very little chance of ever sitting on top of the pyramid they work in.
    Now when people ask me “if it’s a Pyramid Scheme” , I respond with ” Do You Mean “Like The Pyramid your In”? They usually respond with “Huh? what do you mean? Then I tell Em!
    Thanks for the letter

  3. Great explanation Geoff !
    There is also great video about this of Tim Sales:

    Also in NPN you earn at least 50% passive commisions from one referral ! It means that most of your earnings are from your own referring! So you are not using all people under you to “work for you” and make most of your income.
    Because the high commisions you can be in profit very quickly !! Refer just 2 people and you are in profit!

  4. What I consider a scheme is ….
    Working 40 hrs a day or more
    For 40 years or more
    Receiving 40% or less of your lifetime earnings

    That’s the definition of a scheme in my book.

    When you find a company like NPN which gives you the training and tools to build a successful business with them or a business of YOUR CHOICE, that’s an opportunity.

  5. Yes, I totally agree, do you think the waiters and waitresses earn more than the restaurant owners? Do you think the stewards and stewardess and the counter staff earn more than the CEO or Vice President of the airline? It all depends on the amount of commitment, responsibilities and effort you put into the business.
    The difference in mlms, is that everyone is given the same opportunity to earn as much as he wants!

  6. Excellent way of answering this question. I am sure that many of us get this regularly – and most don’t know how to answer it correctly.

    It is very astute of you to help the people in your company to answer this question correctly and helpfully, keeping the prospect onside, as well as pointing out the true benefits.

    Thanks for the input.


  7. Great Job Geoff
    So Many People Always Think
    There Is Somthing Wrong
    With This System
    But They Went To You
    The Top CEO
    And Still Will Think Its Wrong
    Shame On Them
    They Just Lost Out
    Thank You Great Story

  8. I really liked the way you answered that question. I know a lot of people have been “scammed” and yes it is probably our own fault but it is nice to finally find a site and company that will help you learn and understand what you need to do to succeed. So Yes I know that sounds like a silly question that you got, but many people just want to succeed and yes they put the work in, the problem being that the work they are putting in is not the right kind of work and they just end up spending more and more money and getting nothing back in return as they are doing everything Wrong.

  9. It occurs to me that a lot of people that are online looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow not thinking that it may take a couple of hours a day to make it happen.

    What ever happened to that burning desire to better yourself through education and hard work.

    Now it’s all do nothing and earn thousands. Some are treating it like a trip to vegas with a few hundred dollars to burn and if they lose that, oh well.

    There are a lot of schemes out there that we need to be aware of which is why it is imperative to do our due diligence before handing over our money to a program.

    Our future and what it becomes is completely up to us to form. If we do nothing and expect something to happen we are kidding ourselves.

    Take care and thanks for the great truth in your blog post.

    Tom Munson

  10. The tim sales report about pyramids is good for anyone who is ignorant about network marketing.

    Seems like learning how to create a sentence should be that persons’ first mission. I understand that people don’t want to be ripped off, but at least be intelligent when asking questions!

    Reading books makes people smart!

  11. Great answer Geoff. 🙂

    Personally I feel very sad for all those who are
    conditioned by this industry to be constantly on the look
    out and always putting the negativity ahead of in their
    way of thinking.

    Hopefully someday things will change so that people in general will be more positive oriented toward their fellow man.

    Leo Silvestri

  12. You said right Geoff. Appreciate your open minded approach. Net work marketing is not that easy as every one thinks. Like any other job, it also needs a bit of expertise or specialisation to find success. But the difference in net work marketing, as you said, the opportunities are equally spread to everyone from top to bottom at whatever level they are in.

    Have a great day,


  13. Hi Geoff .. Liked your comments .
    It has always been the perceived notion for 20 odd years ,.this being one of our biggest hurdles,
    to overcome …. the general Public perception… wanting that free ride , looking for something for nothing .
    It is the, left over, the , past Bad image we continue to fight .

    But Geof I have noticed It IS changing.

    BUT just Imagine what IS going to happen when the Media get behind the GREAT virtues of the network Industry.
    I see it moving that way.

    I was involved, with a steering committee, back in NZ .. 2001 ,
    to help set guidelines for the Network Marketing industry ,
    in helping to establish some self governing ,guidelines and questions.

    To help people answer their own Questions… of legality .

    We could say ..
    ” Let me give you just 2 Key questions .. you will probably find the answers for yourself ” .

    1 Dose the Business you are working with create Income for you from the Commissions of SALES.
    not just from a recruitment fee.
    Are these commission Sales Incomes, based on a real usable products or services ,
    having real value to the User of your database.

    Can these products & services, also be of real retail value to the general , user public, as extra sales,
    outside of the member network … if you wanted to .
    and could the retail sale value , of these products , be classed as realistic ,
    compared with similar , in the market place ..
    be of real value without the Income marketing plan to support the cashflow .

    In other word .. would you buy this without the marketing plan for the products and services.

    2 Dose the program .. your working with , give everyone the SAME equal, opportunity starting point .
    In other words , do you all build a database of customers, user Members etc, down under you Below you .
    just like the boss of any normal business.
    Do you all pay the same price , have the same choices, and start your new business in the same way .. without favor .

    This must apply regardless of WHERE you are placed in the team organization .
    You are always the TOP of your own business, gatering people around you to build a team down under you .

    Within the marketing plan , without, favor ,or changes to the standard plan,
    do you you have the unlimited potential to earn More than the Person who sponsored you .
    or in fact, If you promote well , More that anyone , currently in the network .

    ” Is that Potential available to you without restriction?” .

    Also that with a focused work effort , the plan enables , the people who can , attract people, do the work , Build,
    a large, Member , User , customer base..
    will naturally earn More income from the Sale of products.
    to the larger organization ,than, that of a smaller data base. of customers .

    If you are comfortable, giving a yes , to these question means , you cannot possibly ,
    be doing anything to harm another person or be in a closed loop pyramid scheme .

    NPN is without dough the cleanest of pure Internet Network Marketing Business.
    with the best range of services in the market today … Rob .

    I look forward to be with you and NPN for many years Geoff.

    Cheers E-Rob Field ( Rob)

  14. Geoff, great comment, you hit the nail right on the head. I find that alot of perople think all they have to do is push a button and lots of money will start flowing, ha,ha. Yes it takes work, I think of my business just like the “Brick and Mortar” business and its all up to YOU. I don’t guaranteee anything to anyone, but I will help others with their, wants, needs and desires. Keep up the good work Geoff.

  15. Oh and if someone asks if its a pyramid, ask them if they have even seen a pyramid before.

    If they say no.. Then ask them if they have ever done a Report of their Family History… If you noticed its a pyramid as well…

    We first started with God then he made Adam, then from Adam he made Eve, then together, cause you do need a man and a woman to make kids… So together they made the kids… Thats a pyramid… Then when the they get married they have kids… So there still is a Pyramid… A Pyramid in the family, but its still a Pyramid…

    So life is formed around a Pyramid…

    Someone or somebody is the founder and he or she is the top of the Pyramid… Then it just keeps going…

    Hope people understand that…

    And from one seed in the garden is the top of the Pyramid as well to food… Otherwise how do you grow food…



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