How to Make More Money with GlobalNPN in 7 Days

Hello NPN’ers,

I have a rather important update for you that is going to help you make more money with your GlobalNPN business, and also automate your business more as well.

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I spoke before about changing a few things about NPN in order to make it better for our affiliates. I also ran my ideas past a number of marketers that I respect and trust – both NPN members and non-NPN members.

They all said “go for it!” when I asked them if they thought it was a good business move.1trial

So here’s what is going to happen…

This is going to labelled a “special promotion” because we’ll be testing it to make sure all is good.

I am implementing a “$1.00, 7-day trial” membership for ALL new signups in GlobalNPN.

So… all new members will have an “all access” membership that will give them “Gold-level access” to all our tools and training, for 7 days, for $1.00.

After the 7 days, their membership will auto-upgrade to the Gold level, UNLESS they optin to a lower level from their backoffice within the 7 days (or to cancel all together of course). If they decide on a lower level, their access will be reduced to the product package of that lower level after the 7 days.

Awesome so far? Yup 🙂

Now here’s the cool part..

As soon as they join and pay their $1.00, we will put them through a “fast start” 10-day training program, which will introduce them to GlobalNPN, and walk them through beginner levels of internet marketing as well. At the end of 10 days they will have the basic knowledge to get started with GlobalNPN, have a solid foundational knowledge of internet marketing, and how to advertise the $1.00 trial.

So.. we have a 7-day trial with a 10-day Fast Start training program. (yes, do the math, there’s a reason)

More awesome so far? Yup 🙂

Now here’s the REALLY cool part..

Our followup call center service will now be “included” in our new $147 NPN Gold membership! No extra charge for the call center (and the price of NPN Gold will NOT change for our current members, ever! You’re locked in if you’re in now).

The focus of the call center will shift slightly, and will focus on contacting all of your $1.00 trial members and ensure they know what NPN is all about, to welcome them to NPN, and to make SURE they follow through with our 10-day Fast Start training (and continuing on as a paying member).

So to sum up what I just said..

  • GlobalNPN will be $1.00 for all new members.
  • All new $1.00 members have a 7-day trial period to use all of our tools as much as they want – at the Gold level.
  • We will have a 10-day Fast Start training program that all new members will have to complete.
  • Our call center will contact your $1.00 trial members on the phone to welcome them and ensure that they are following our 10-day training program, and they will also “help” your new members decide to stay on as paying members.
  • The $1.00 trial will upgrade them after 7 days to the Gold Level unless otherwise requested by that trial member.

When they upgrade, you get paid of course as per our compensation plan.

So that’s it. Awesome, right?

Think about promoting this, and how attractive it will be. All the tools and training you need to start making money on the internet, for $1.00. Plus you will have people from our call center call your signups for you to help them decide to stay, and to make sure they stay. Plus the training to help them get started fast in generating leads and getting signups.

… and all you have to do is sell our entire membership package for $1.00.

I will be doing a webinar this Friday evening to present this information to you again

PLEASE feel free to invite your own people to this webinar, previous downlines, anyone you like… this will change a lot of lives, and it starts very soon!

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– Geoff Stephen


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4 thoughts on “How to Make More Money with GlobalNPN in 7 Days”

  1. Hello Geoff,
    I missed your Webinair last night & am wondering how long your $1.00 offer will be
    available, PLEASE?
    I have two big jobs to do in the country this week, 11-08-14 & will not have access to my computer?
    Thanking you, cheers.

  2. Any chance, Geoff, that you will be doing another webinar on this prior to 9/1?

    Please let me know. I was hospitalized for the last one (having nothing to do with the webinar!) 🙂

    To Your Success,



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