GlobalNPN Announces Debit/MasterCard for Commissions!

Hello All,


You can now order your GlobalNPN Debit/Mastercard from your NPN backoffice! (Yes, it’s free to order!)

Login to your backoffice ( ), click on “Billing Information” in the menu on the left..

You will see a picture of the card, click on the card to order it. Simple as that.

As soon as your card application is approved (it took me about 5 minutes to be approved), you can choose to have your commissions sent to your card on our monthly paydays.

Any other information about the card can be found by clicking on the card image in your backoffice (FAQ, Fees, Contact info, etc.)

Now… on another note..

If for some reason you are still choosing to use Alertpay, it appears you can now fund your Alertpay account with your credit card.

Login to Alertpay and click on “Deposit”. There is now a credit card option for getting your account funded. You can’t pay for products or subscriptions directly with your credit card, but you can fund your account beforehand and then pay with those funds.

Don’t forget, GlobalNPN accepts payments via Credit Card directly (no Alertpay) so using Alertpay by funding it with your credit card will cost you more than paying directly to NPN.

And with our new Debit Card you can take Alertpay out of the entire process completely. Yay!

That’s it for now..

Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen



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19 thoughts on “GlobalNPN Announces Debit/MasterCard for Commissions!”

  1. Hi admin
    While I tried to order my Debit card from my member page ,my country name is not available in the list.So let me know am I eligible
    to order Debit card and I belongs to INDIA

    My GlobalNPN accountID: 144291

    L.V.V Satyanarayana

  2. Goeff,
    This is excellent news. I am from South Africa and have been trying for 2 months to get my Alertpay account going. It has been opened but I needed to put money into in including $20 admin fee and I wanted to put in another $40 to cover my month subs. but, the bank insisted I get clearance from the South African Revenue Services first before they are prepared to pay $ into the Alertpay account. I got my accountant to make the necessary submissions and have been waiting for 2 months for some word from SARS. It is quite ridiculous. Now I can work directly with you via a credit card.
    Thank you, Sheilah

  3. Hi geoff

    Thanks for the card. I have ordered it and am waiting to receive it to promote NPN in my country. By the way can you load money in it before it is activated? I presume to get it after your payment date. This is quite embarrassing to ask.



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