Global NPN Entry Ad Promotion

Hello NPN’ers,

Are you ready to have a great week? I sure am.

Since a number of you got paid today (all will be paid before the 15th of course), I decided to start the week with a new Entry Ad promotion for all of our members.

For those of you that do not know, NPN Entry Ads are the ads you see for a few seconds when you first login to your NPN backoffice. These ads are incredibly valuable because they put your links in front of everyone that logs in to NPN, which means your ads are only being seen by “active, paying, internet marketers”. Honestly there are no better eyeballs to get your links in front of. They’re also proven to work very well as I have members that buy them every single week.

The ads usually run for 7 days straight for just $29.95 – which is an excellent deal in itself.

To make it even better I added a monthly option for just $59.95.

So.. this means you get 2 weeks of high-quality advertising for FREE! If you purchased a full month for the usual weekly price of $29.95, you’d be paying around $120.00 for the month.

Honestly this is a really good deal, and I don’t know how long this promotion will last – or how many ads can be bought before I cannot accept any more for the month. I can only run a certain number of Entry Ads at the same time – especially for the whole month.

Just as a side note: The Entry Ads that work best are ads that help current NPN members build their businesses. Products and services that help generate traffic and leads convert the best.

Talk to you soon..

– Geoff Stephen


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1 thought on “Global NPN Entry Ad Promotion”

  1. Darn and I just bought one too 😉

    Oh well, these ads are excellent and I always make money from them! I will be getting this package today for sure!

    Thanks for adding consistent value!

    Gabriel Johansson


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